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All about Freiburg

Fribourg, founded in the 14th century by Herzog Berthold, is nestled in the heart of Switzerland. It is known as the Swiss city rich in cultural diversity, universities and bridges. The historic city takes all visitors through the centuries with its beautiful sights.

Fribourg is made up of many bridges and is considered the platform that unites the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland. The only remaining wooden bridge in the city is the Bern Bridge, which has been in existence since 1653. The bustling city rises from the flat terrain on a rocky hill, over the Saane valley to the Swiss Alps to the south and east. It is surrounded by the Sarine River on three sides, which divides the city in two.

The medieval city has more than 200 exceptional Gothic facades dating from the 15th century. The remains of the once 2 km long city walls, towers and bastions will fully convey the atmosphere of the medieval metropolis.

The most impressive building, however, is the gothic St. Nicholas Cathedral in Freiburg. This cathedral gives all visitors a feeling of peace and quiet. It is considered the emblem and landmark of the city of Freiburg, which was built from the 13th to the 15th century. It was started according to the German building plans and finished to meet the French wishes.

Characteristics of Fribourg

This Swiss canton has many long-standing traditions in art, architecture and agriculture. The canton also offers many gastronomic delights. As a melting pot of German and French culture, Fribourg is characterized by aspects of both cultures.

The rich cultural heritage of the canton of Fribourg is celebrated with great care and pride by its inhabitants. The medieval villages, including the capital Fribourg, as well as Estavayer-le-Lac and Gruyères, are picturesque and filled with narrow streets that are hives of activity.  For those who appreciate architecture, there are many forts, castles, churches, monasteries and manors to discover.

The Fribourg region is also known for its tradition of poya paintings, the raising (poya) and lowering (désalpe) of its cattle, and the seasonal celebrations of Bénichon (Thanksgiving). The Gruyère region is also characterized by agriculture and festivals, both of which are presented at the Musée Gruérien in Bulle. Known for its famous Swiss cheese, La Gruyère is also famous for another dairy product, its double cream. There is a festival dedicated solely to this product, which is held every year in mid-June.

In fact, the canton of Fribourg offers many gastronomic delights, including fondue, Gruyère cheese and freshwater fish from the many local lakes. Sweet treats include chocolates and meringues served with double cream.

Outstanding places in Fribourg

The medieval fountains of Fribourg

You can take your time to discover the eleven fountains coupled with their unique columns, alone or with the help of a local tour guide. The fountains of Freiburg have unusual names such as courage, loyalty and strength. These historic fountains are scattered throughout the city, and some date back to the 16th century. Some of these fountains were built during the reign of Hans Geiler and Hans Gieng. These people were responsible for the creation of fountains in this city, among others.

The twilight tales of the old town of Freiburg

As darkness covers the area, grab your lantern and follow the town gossips and a knight as they discover the history, legends, and true facts of Freiburg. The two-hour walking tour will take you from the city's 12th century origins to the 21st century as you whistle through the city and discover some of its secrets.

As you walk through the town along its high peaks and narrow streets, you'll hear stories of the legends and history that have shaped the area. The experience is fantastic, you will learn more about the city and get a sense of the city from a unique perspective.

St. Nicholas Cathedral in Freiburg

St. Nicholas Cathedral is one of the best places you should visit during your Swiss exploration exercises. The cathedral is bigger and more established than a church. It is named after St. Nicholas and the Catholics of Fribourg, as well as the environment, love this church because it offers a place where you can go and pray.

The cathedral has a lot to offer. It is Gothic in style and was completed in 1430, taking over one hundred and fifty years to complete. The intricate details inside the cathedral, as well as the figures of the mother of God, Mary, and Jesus Christ, are some of the features that make this place unique.

The Funicular of Freiburg

You can take your time to try the funicular as well as the tramway in Freiburg. The funicular was launched in 1899, on the initiative of Paul-Alcide Blancpain. The tramway thus created linked the highland town of La Neuveville and the industrial region.

This funicular had a major socio-cultural importance and its role in the development of the city cannot be underestimated. It operates between 7am and 7pm, and you should make time and visit the place when it is at its peak to get a glimpse of what is going on.

The Bern Bridge in Freiburg

When you are in the city of Freiburg, you should take your time to explore the area properly because there are other features that you might tend to underestimate. The Bern Bridge is one of them. Bern is the second most populated region in Switzerland. The construction of high bridges began in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you find yourself in Bern, be sure to read about the exciting things to do in Bern.

Eighteen bridges span the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland.  Some of these bridges include a new bridge that was built in 1466 to replace the ferry.  There are so many bridges in Bern, and you can choose the shortest distance you want to visit and explore the area.  You can have a panoramic view over the bridges.

These bridges are useful because they contribute to the economic situation of Freiburg by allowing fast and more efficient transportation than ferries. These bridges are also tourist attractions.

The Natural History Museum of Fribourg

The Natural History Museum is one of the most visited destinations in Fribourg, Switzerland. The museum showcases all aspects of the natural sciences. You can see everything from local wildlife to many animal species from around the world. You can even see a stuffed whale. Other animal species you can see in this area include the owl.

Kaeserberg Railway Museum

This is another place you should visit during your stay in Freiburg. The announcer announces the departure of the train at 11 o'clock sharp.  There is an imaginary network of railroads that will take you through Switzerland as if it were real. This representation is a perfect balance between the different aspects of this place and what you can expect in Switzerland.

The center of Fribourg

When visiting Fribourg, you should take your time to explore the city and get to know what it has to offer. Walking around the city will give you an idea of its history, development, and what happened from the time it was built to the modern era when the city center became one of the top tourist destinations. You can enjoy the magic of the oriental views, as the city is built on an oriental theme.

The Gutenberg Museum in Freiburg

This is one of the places you should never miss visiting. The Gutenberg Museum brings together the history of letterpress printing and the characteristics of modern communication. The museum aims to help visitors learn about the different aspects of letterpress printing and communication in a more exciting way.

Whether you are a novice or a specialist, you belong in this museum because you will be able to learn more about the technique of typography and modern communication techniques. The exhibition is fantastic, and you should take the time to visit this beautiful destination.

Schwarzsee in Freiburg

Schwarzsee is a perfect place to stay, whether it's winter or summer. If you have a family or if you are visiting alone, you should visit this place because the fun activities you can do are not limited to a few.  Schwarzsee is a small vacation town located in the eastern foothills of Freiburg.

The nature here is untouched, and you can enjoy the wild views in summer and the snowy areas in winter. The destination has special trails for children, which makes it a perfect tourist destination for families. There is a chairlift that can take you up high while you enjoy the alpine tour. There are many fun activities to do, such as fishing, rowing or swimming in the clear lakes. If you're interested in exploring Swiss lakes, be sure to read our guide to Swiss lakes.