How to become an escort girl in Geneva?

Becoming an escort in Geneva is not an easy decision for most girls who want to try to sell their body for money. We have already published a guide on how to find the best escort in Geneva explaining in a general way the different ways to approach the escort business in Geneva.

We are now going to go into more detail by explaining the different types of escorts you can be in Geneva. Becoming independent or working for an escort agency in Geneva.

Consideration before becoming an escort in Geneva

Becoming an escort may require some thought before making a decision that could change your life. We invite you to read our article that discusses the considerations to be made before becoming an escort in Geneva. This will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of this profession.

Becoming a high-end escort in Geneva

Everyone loves luxury it is well known. We have therefore published an article to explain how to become a high-class escort in Geneva. This is the top level of escorting. But it is not given to everyone. You will realize thet it demands lots of efforts and sacrifices. But if you know how to conduct your escort activity, you will enjoy the best clients.

Differences between an escort and a prostitute in Geneva

From the street to the five-star palace. The profession of prostitution also has its extremes. Not all girls have the chance to work in the same environment. It is therefore important to read our article presenting the difference between a prostitute and an escort in Geneva. A completely different destiny between a hard work and a fairy tale of a little princess.

Becoming a professional escort in Geneva

Being a professional escort in Geneva is a sought but very competitive profession. Prostitution is legal in Geneva, so there are no barriers to doing what can be a very lucrative business. And it attracts girls from all over the world who dream of these quick and easy earnings.

But unfortunately, you can find a bit of everything, good and bad. Fake profiles on erotic websites, Google gift voucher scams or customers who book but don’t come. So, it is indeed a jungle that you must know how to clear. Both for the escort and for the client.

If you want to start an escort job, Catgirl investigated to know which are the various ways of approaching your future work of professional escort in Geneva. gives you tips and advices on how to be part of this erotic journey.

Who can become an escort in Geneva?

You should know that this profession is suitable for strong women who like their independence and can meet the needs of men. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself before you start. For example, are you ready to become an escort in Geneva? Do you enjoy accompanying others and getting paid for it? If so, are you also ready to deal with the emotional effects that this job can bring you? Can you perform sexual acts with all types and kinds of men? Do you accept the risk of a client not respecting you and having to deal with embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, Catgirl welcomes you to take your first steps in the escort industry in the beautiful city of Geneva. You will be able to feel sexy and receive large sums of money to please men, but also to please yourself. In addition to that, you will meet men without any constraints.

Catgirl: how to become an escort in Geneva?

Escort agency or independent escort in Geneva?

If you are considering becoming a Geneva escort girl, you need to decide whether you will work independently or with an agency. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose what suits you, to choose the lesser evil.

What is the best approach? Start working as an independent escort or start working as an agency escort girl? And what are the differences between the two? Well, every person has their own preferences. And yet, this is still a hotly debated issue in the adult dating industry. Catgirl has taken an in-depth look at them to clarify some facts for you. Geneva escorts usually start with one of the two ways below.

1. Working for an escort agency in Geneva.

This is quite variable depending on the agency. You can take care of the bookings if the agency gives you that choice, but this is rarely the case. The agency prefers to keep control of this area. The same goes for the selection of clients. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a say in the matter. But most of the time, the reality is that the agency will impose your clients on you.

Working in an agency should normally give you a certain security because you are surrounded by an established professional system. This is one of the most important points to check before choosing your agency. The agency must be committed to follow you and protect you from clients who could be disrespectful or even dangerous for you. Catgirl is very careful to check the agency profiles on our website.

Most escorts in Geneva start working for agencies before leaving them and becoming independent escorts. It is best to learn from others before going solo.

2. Working as an independent escort in Geneva

For a newcomer, this can be risky. Being at the mercy and unprotected of men you don’t know can quickly become a nightmare. But if you are willing to take the risk, then go for it. But it is advisable to work with an established independent escort to learn the basics before becoming independent yourself.

But being independent requires a lot more sacrifice of time or effort in finding new clients. Some girls prefer to have someone managing the entire client process for them. It’s a matter of organization that can quickly become overwhelming. Creating a Catgirl account can make your life a lot easier if you know how to create a suitable profile.

How to become an agency escort in Geneva?

Choose the type of escort agency in Geneva

An escort agency is an organization that provides services through you for male or female clients. These services usually include intimate activities, although they are not guaranteed. Everything that happens during the time booked between you and your client must be decided before the appointment.

An escort agency will usually arrange for you and your client to meet at a specific address. This can be your home, a travel location, a hotel, or a place chosen by your client. Some escort agencies specialize in long-term escorting. Our Catgirl site has been designed to maximize your time with our unique Package feature. Go and see it on the site.

Working for an escort agency in Geneva

Some agencies are good, others are not. How to know if the agency is right for you or not? The best way is to find some escorts working for this agency and talk to them. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about how the agency works. For example, how the agency selects clients to ensure that they are not a danger to you. Or how they ensure your safety. Some agencies have apparently addicted girls to drugs in order to control them. If this is the case, run away from that agency because drugs will prevent you from developing a good clientele.

Therefore, you need to find reputable escort agencies in Geneva. You should look for agencies that always consider the needs of their employees. Look at the security features of the agencies and how they control the clients. Check if you are comfortable with the people in the agency. This is a human activity. You will be surrounded by other girls and employees. So, you need to be comfortable with them. You can also consult on Catgirl the list of escort agencies with good reputation in Geneva.

Advantages of working for an escort agency in Geneva

One of the great advantages of working for an escort agency in Geneva is that you don’t have to worry about arranging appointments and advertising your image. Most agencies take care of this difficult and time-consuming work for you. On your behalf, they will create your profile and photo gallery on several directories like Catgirl. This is ideal for new girls in the industry who are not yet familiar with these advertising techniques. 

Being part of an agency is also a good thing because it ensures your safety and privacy. As a beginner in the industry, you will only be able to date verified clients from her network. When you are more experienced, they will verify potential clients for you. In addition, she will keep in touch before and after the appointment to make sure you leave without incident. This is a great security system that ensures you are safe.

A third advantage of working for an agency is that you won’t have to deal with clients on the phone. This can quickly become a waste of time for you. Between the jokers, the dishonest ones, the abusive ones or the ones who cancel at the last minute, it is very frustrating. Our little Catgirls let us know this frequently. An experienced receptionist knows how to handle them and filter only trustworthy customers through the screening process.

Disadvantages of working for an escort agency in Geneva

Working for an escort agency is not for everyone. You may not like to be dictated to by schedules or to have men imposed on you that you would not want to see. This is why many call girls prefer to work independently. One reason is that an independent girl can talk directly to clients to get to know them. Through the phone, they can determine if they are a good match for the client.

Another disadvantage of working for an agency is that some put a lot of pressure on the girls to provide services that they do not want. Also, when demand is high, they may be pushed to work around the clock. It is easy for clients to notice this and feel uncomfortable. This can lead to negative reviews and ratings on Geneva erotic websites. Catgirl has set up a review system for this purpose.

Finally, you should know that working for an agency means that you will have to pay a percentage of the fees received. This percentage is generally 25 to 40% per booking. For some, this is a significant amount of money. This makes them want to work independently and stay away from escort agencies in Geneva.

Catgirl:  the best way to become an escort girl in Geneva

2. How to become an independent escort in Geneva?

The risks of independent escorts in Geneva

It is advisable to start working with an established independent escort who is used to working with clients in Geneva. This is probably the best way for a call girl to establish herself. This is because she will be taught by an experienced person and trained in important aspects such as client selection and safety.

You must know the guidelines and rules of escorting. If you want to become a call girl, you know that the biggest rule is your safety. You must be safe and confident in every choice you make. You can read about this on our Catgirl blog. This will help you prepare well in advance.

However, some independent escorts in Geneva prefer to go in without any guidance. Many girls have simply taken the plunge by advertising their availability as an escort on erotic ad sites like Catgirl.  And some men keep their eyes open for new girls and try to take advantage of them. That’s how you end up with rape, physical abuse or theft of your values. Therefore, select your clients wisely. It is better to lose a money date than your mental or physical integrity.

Learn to say no. You can say no if it is necessary. Don’t do things that make you uncomfortable. Be firm about your boundaries. Say no and tell them you can’t do it. You need to set and know your boundaries in your relationships with clients. Now, if you decide to do it yourself, you must keep in mind that it is more difficult.

The advantages of being an independent escort in Geneva

The number of independent escorts is on the rise, and it’s not hard to see why. These kinds of erotic ads are also increasing on Catgirl. The first great advantage of being an independent prostitute is being self-employed. This means that you have total control. You choose who you see, when, where and on what terms. You will not be pressured to provide services to clients you do not like. Since there is no third party involved, it will be much easier to see if you and your client are a good fit. By calling each other, you will be able to tell if there is a natural chemistry between the two of you. Choosing your own clientele is a luxury you can enjoy. On top of that, you can choose when and where you prefer to meet them.

Another great advantage is that all the money you earn as an independent escort is yours. Even if your clients think you deserve a tip, the entire amount is yours. However, along with all these positive points, there are also disadvantages to work as an independent call girl in Geneva.

Disadvantages of working as an independent escort in Geneva

One of them is that you will spend a lot of work and time creating your escort website and publishing your ads in several erotic ads places like Catgirl. Because it’s important to maintain an active online presence by posting regularly on your social media channels, erotic forums, and message boards. Even after you’ve established your basic marketing plan, things don’t stop there. You will need to continually update your profile information and photo galleries. Be aware that self-promotion is a never-ending job when you are an independent call girl in Geneva. Remember, the competition is tough.

In addition to Internet marketing, you will have to work hard to perform security checks on new clients. And you don’t have a lot of tools besides social networks. You’ll also need to probe customers on the phone to find out if they are legitimate potential clients. This screening is tiring when you have dozens of calls a day that will never result in actual appointments. Going through our Catgirl site will make this task easier.


We understand that all this information can be difficult to manage at once. That’s why Catgirl has created several blog posts to give you an idea about this. Read them before you make your decision. We wish you good luck with your career in the adult escort industry in Geneva. And feel free to also read the other articles in our news section on escort marketing and advertising to take your career to the next level.

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