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Erotic encounters in Lausanne

Lausanne has plenty to offer to satisfy your desires. It’s an ideal place for a romantic or sexual getaway. You’ll be enchanted by its charms.

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Wives of escort clients in Geneva

Many escorts meet customers who are already in a committed relationship, often married. We explain how to react to these different situations.

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The complete guide to escort services in Geneva

Geneva, an epicenter of international diplomacy, finance and culture also offers a less visible but equally sophisticated facet, that of high-end escort services

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Dating an escort client in Geneva

The decision to enter into a romantic relationship with a client is based on your mutual emotions and personal preferences. It’s crucial to consider whether your client will accept your career as an escort.

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All about the One Night Stand concept

In our modern society, where time is precious and lifestyles can be hectic, the One Night Stand concept meets a need for spontaneity and physical connection without the traditional constraints.

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Cosmetic surgery for escorts

Opting for cosmetic surgery represents a significant way of changing one’s appearance in a lasting way. However, this approach is not without risks and requires careful consideration.

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Escorts for disabled clients in Geneva

Although some individuals with disabilitie may experience reduced sensitivity in certain parts of their bodies, they may discover other paths to sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

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How can I meet someone srious in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, a country known for its cultural diversity, stability and high quality of life, serious dating requires an approach that combines tradition and innovation.

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The public debate on sexuality in Canada

Confession of a man who explains that some women talk about sex freely at work or at parties.

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Married men and escorts from Geneva

Looking for new sexual experiences and fetish practices, men can turn to escorts during their mariage.