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How to find the best escort in Geneva?

Being an escort in Geneva is a profession that attracts many women. Not only from Switzerland, but from all over the world. The promise of quick and easy money is the first motivation. But unfortunately, the reality is not so happy. Catgirl has decided to present you with a series of articles to give you advice around the world of escorts. Our first theme will be about how to become an escort in Geneva. And since you will have to sell your image, we will advise you on how to define and develop your brand image as an escort in Geneva. As a logical next step, you will have to advertise your image so that your future clients will find you. It is therefore essential to know how to properly create a Geneva escort profile to promote your photos and the services you offer to clients. You will also need to build up a base of clients. This is why we will explain the different types of clients for escort girls in Geneva. You will then be able to focus on those who best fit your brand image as an escort in Geneva.

You are on a tourist trip in Geneva, you feel lonely and you wish to have by your side a pretty female company? Then all you must do is find an escort girl on Catgirl. But how to make the right choice among all the erotic ads found on the internet? Because even if the activity of the Geneva escort girls is more or less organized in the country, it is useful to have a guide to find an escort in full safety and which corresponds to all your criteria and needs.

Catgirl has prepared for you this beginner's guide to find the right escort in Geneva. Indeed, the offer in terms of escort girls in this city is abundant and varied. If you start alone in this process, you risk to get lost quickly. So, follow the guide!

Who are the escorts of Geneva?

Geneva escorts are young girls, at least 18 years old, who offer their time and sometimes their body for a fee. To be an escort in Geneva is to carry out a legal and recognized activity in the country. They can be professional or occasional. But they have only one goal, to satisfy your sensual, sexual and erotic desires.

To have a great visibility with future clients, the Geneva escorts create profiles on specialized erotic websites like Catgirl. This is the place where they put information such as their stage name, their phone number, the address to receive clients, as well as a photo or a video of them. The profile is the vital source of information to get an idea of the services offered by an escort in Geneva.

In the photos and videos, they take subjective poses. This is done to seduce the clients and let them know that they want to have sex with them. The escorts can go to the clients in Geneva. So if you don't want to go to an erotic salon, have her come to you. Some of them will even travel all over Switzerland, on vacation or on trips with you. Provided that you pay the price of course. You will find this kind of profiles on our site Catgirl obviously.

Generally the travel expenses are at your charge, in addition to the price of the service. Note also that the escort is not obliged to accept to move in Geneva. If she feels that the security conditions are not met, or that the opportunity cost she incurs is too high, she will not come to you. Opportunity cost refers to the likely loss of clients that she might endure by spending time in transit to reach you.

High-class and luxury escorts in Geneva

As with all sectors, the Geneva escort and erotic places industry is also multi-level. The most prestigious segment of the market is the one in which the high-end escorts evolve. They are also called luxury escorts, or high-flying escorts. You will be able to see many of them on our site Catgirl.

A high-class Geneva escort is a real professional who generally lives very well from her job. She has a very full agenda and manages her clientele very seriously. These tops of the range escorts have been able to cultivate a quality over time: discretion.

Indeed, a great part of their clientele is composed of very rich or famous people. And they do not necessarily wish that their intimacy is spread out on the public place, we do not agree. A breach of this duty of discretion will sound the end of the career of a luxury escort in Geneva. No more important client will want her company.

High-class escorts in Geneva are not always used for sex. Indeed, some men solicit them to appear in beautiful company at parties or even business meetings. Others offer their services so regularly that the escort ends up appearing as the mistress of her client to the public. However, both parties of this improvised couple know what their duties and obligations are. They set the limits from the first meeting and never exceed them.

If you wish to pay for the services of a luxury escort in Geneva, it is advisable to consult specialized high-class websites. Like Catgirl of course. It is a quick way for you to see in one place their different services and their prices.

Where to find an escort in Geneva ?

Note that prostitution was legalized in Switzerland in 1992. So you don't risk to be arrested by the Geneva police because you pay for the services of an escort girl. Since it is a well regulated sector, it is quite simple to find one. The offers swarm on the internet, but it is necessary to know how to sort out.

Erotic salons for escorts in Geneva

In Geneva, to meet an escort girl, you can go directly to an erotic lounge, a club or a cabaret. You will find sex workers ready to take care of you. The best erotic salons are listed in directories such as Catgirl.

These are establishments in Geneva where escorts welcome their clients. These lounges are held in strict hygienic conditions. It is generally proposed to the customer to take a shower before the escort takes care of him. Also, elements like condoms are present to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in these places of pleasure.

The advantage of the erotic salons is that you have the possibility to choose a girl among all those who work there. As soon as you step into the establishment, they will parade in front of you to introduce themselves. After that it's up to you to make your choice. And why stop at one girl when you could have fun with several. Some rich clients reserve and even privatize the salon for a few hours. Having your own harem can be a fantastic erotic moment.

If the human imagination is very fertile when it comes to sex, make sure that the escort agrees beforehand to fulfill all your fantasies. Indeed, some escorts set limits not to be crossed during their services. Moreover, the more daring your requests are, the more they will ask you to pay extra. An escort is, like you, a human being. Then respect your Catgirl as it should be.

Specialized websites for escort in Geneva

Some websites specialize in the market of escort girls. More than simple presentation sites, they are in fact virtual showcases of real sex companies. You will be guided to the erotic salon closest to your residence, after the site has geolocated you. Yes, there is indeed a Tinder of sex.

Thanks to these dedicated sites like Catgirl, you will have a precise idea on the different services of an escort in Geneva, as well as her rates. You can even choose your Geneva escort and make an appointment with her via this electronic platform. For more transparency in the presentation of escorts on the websites, some of them opt, in addition to photos, for videos. This is a good way for the escort to stand out from her competition.

Indeed, to present themselves to the potential client, they shoot short videos with their smartphones. The idea here is to appear on the website exactly as she will be during the meeting with you. So you don't risk to be disappointed. The one you will have chosen, after viewing the video, will be exactly the one who will be facing you in the room to satisfy you.

In case of a problem, some websites even provide an after-sales service. Thus, all your requests due to inconveniences will be treated. If your complaints are justified, you can be compensated. The escorts know this and they will try not to take any risks of being banned from the site. For you, it means the assurance that they will do everything to satisfy you in the best way. They just want to see you again and again.

As with all commercial websites, the opinions and comments of people who have already tried the services of an escort girl have a great influence on her bookings and therefore her income. Going to see the comments left by former customers is therefore essential to get an idea of how she serves her customer. And don't hesitate to write your reviews after your appointment. Anyway, it's anonymous and if it's deserved, everyone is happy.

Tips for a successful date with an escort in Geneva

When choosing an escort in Geneva, you will be spoilt for choice. So take the time to look at all the ads that could potentially interest you. For that, Catgirl has installed its own search engine on the site. You can easily find profiles related to a city, services or any other word that could be on the site. Just write them on the search bar.

Once you have found the right profile for you, you now have to arrange your meeting. And you need to prepare yourself properly to make your Catgirl feel comfortable. But if you're a beginner, follow these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly and you'll be up to the task.

Your physical presentation

The business of escorting touches on intimacy. For your well-being, and that of the one who is going to provide a service of pleasures, take care of your physical presentation. Indeed, even if you pay to have sexual intercourse, do not forget that you have in front of you a women. These women by nature would like to have well-educated partners who smell good.

So prepare well your meeting with your Geneva escort. If you go to her erotic salon, it is advisable to dress well. Dress as you would for a date. If possible, bring her a small gift, chocolate or a rose for example. She will be flattered and a small gift will reassure her of your intentions. A relaxed atmosphere is what you are looking for, isn't it?

The fact that some Geneva escorts ask their clients to take a shower before sex does not exempt you from taking one at home. Look cheerful when she receives you. No woman wants to have sex with a sad, downcast man.

If you feel that these measures are not necessary, ask yourself how you would react if, at the time of the meeting, your escort appears neglected? Would you agree to have sex with a woman who clearly does not take care of her body?

Your behavior towards your escort

Remember that prostitution in Geneva is a legally recognized profession. Thus, like any person exercising a legal activity, escorts are protected during their services. Therefore, avoid any misbehavior aiming at humiliating your partner for a night. They will not hesitate to report you to the police, which is quite normal. So avoid the embarrassment of finding yourself at the police station for a story about your buttocks.

Be courteous during your exchanges. Limit your conversations to the various services agreed upon. Indeed, seeking to know more about the life of your escort may seem inappropriate attitude. Respect her private life. Do not judge her. Talk about anything and everything to break the ice. If you are lucky enough to book 2 hours or more, it's worth having a drink and planning a 10-20 minute chat. She'll be much more relaxed when it comes time to act and therefore more likely to satisfy you.

During your conversations, and especially in your gestures, do not confuse being naughty with being rude. If the limit is thin, be happy if you realize that you make your escort uncomfortable. While naughty words and gestures can fuel your pleasure session, rude behavior will contribute to chilling her. If you go a little too far, she will let you know with obvious signs. So pay attention to that.

Stay calm. It is not necessary to raise your voice to make yourself understood. Tell yourself that you are looking at a sex worker who is doing you a favor. Just as it's not good to yell at a waitress in a restaurant, don't scold your escort. Unless she asks you to do so to fulfill a particular fantasy of course.

When you book an online appointment with a Geneva escort girl, be punctual. Women who practice this profession sometimes do it part-time. Their time is therefore precious. Don't they say that punctuality is the politeness of kings? Show her that you have the courtesy of a king and your queen for a day will go out of her way to make your intimate session unforgettable.

Protect yourself and your escort in Geneva

Protect yourself systematically during your paid sexual relations. Indeed, even if it is well known that escorts in Geneva take particular care of their health, be careful. The best protection remains the male condom. And yes, this good old condom protects you at 98% against all sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, it is very easy to use. If you don't know how to put it on, let your escort put it on you. It can even increase the pleasure before the sexual act.

You have just read the basics of how to easily find an escort girl in Geneva and how to act with her. If you behave normally, you will spend a delicious moment with a professional who has everything to satisfy you in Geneva. So avoid complications that could spoil these moments of pleasure. And good luck in your search for your escort who will make your heart capsize, emotionally and sexually.