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Catgirl, the reference of erotic ad sites is an erotic ad site listing the most beautiful escorts in French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland or Ticino. Most of these girls are found in the main cities of Switzerland such as Geneva (GE), Lausanne (VD), Zurich (ZH), Bern (BE), Fribourg (FR) , Basel (BS), Martigny (VS) or Lugano (TI). Chat also live with Catgirls on our CatgirlCam platform. makes it a point of honour to be the reference for the most accurate ad directories and sex lovers in order to satisfy your deepest desires. This is why we have separated the following categories to facilitate your research: escort girls (independent girl), masseuse, casual (non-professional girl), SM/BDSM, Transexual (trans) and transvestite (Tv). And the same goes for the clubs we have listed as escort agencies, massage salons, erotic salons, contact bar, libertine club, cabaret  and SM/BDSM salons. These lounges also include brothels or champagne bars. 

It is advisable to take a close look at the profile of the girl to get a preview of her sexual practices and sensations (heterosexual, active bisexual, passive bisexual, lesbian or pansexual). It is also strongly recommended to look at what kinds of people she accepts for her appointments (e.g. man, woman, couple, senior, disabled or transgender). is not an ad site exclusively for men. Why shouldn't pay pleasure be accessible to lesbian women? You have to live with the times. Today we no longer hide from being a cougar or a MILF. These women of power, submissive or dominant, are assertive. Their research was also facilitated so that duos (for girls accepting other girls), couples (for women accepting threesome couples), sex parties or orgies (for women accepting group sex) could be easily identified on the site. also ranked well the criteria resulting from masochistic bondage and sado practices. You can find a wide range of these services on the individual profile of girls or at SM/BDSM fairs. respects the status of women in all sex-related professions, which is not always easy and can even be dangerous after meetings. We therefore encourage you never to say or write hurtful words to them, such as whores or prostitutes. Never forget to be courteous in all circumstances. is a site of sexy ads and advertising and can in no way be considered as an escort agency or any other sex or prostitution intermediary. The site is only open to adults (over 18 years old). All advertisers must comply with the Swiss law on erotic content in force and must not broadcast misleading or deceptive ads. To limit abuse, we have implemented a photo and video verification system. If a profile is not certified according to our method, it is advisable to ask the girl or the salon for more information, either by phone, SMS, Whatsapp or email depending on the options available.