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Karina - Escort Girls in Zurich - Catgirl


  • Zurich
  • 24 years old
  • Dark blonde
  • 166-170 cm
  • Shaved
  • Certified photos
  • Escort Girls
  • France
  • Brown
  • Slim
  • 51-55 Kg
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Since the Covid, it's hard to talk or feel like I'm around anyone. I look forward to enjoying again and being able to connect with others like I used to. I look good and take care of myself. From head to toe. I love the details. That's what makes the difference. I love fashion, so it's easy for me to dress for any occasion. I am curious in life, always ready to live new adventures. I think that's what life is all about. I am sure you will enjoy your time with me.

I like to talk about various topics over dinner. I can tell you about my different experiences because I have traveled a lot in my life. I was able to develop a general culture. Like art, gastronomy or different cultures. It will not be difficult to satisfy me. A good glass of wine or a cocktail and the evening begins.

I like to put people at ease. I can adapt to any situation. People have a good time with me. I am very understanding and naturally care about others. This is my nature. I like to meet new people.

I live in Geneva, but I can travel anywhere in Switzerland. For the German part of Switzerland, I require a minimum of 4 hours for an appointment.
I am bisexual. I also like the basics of BDSM and some fetishes that might interest you.

My prices (minimum 4 hours) :
4 hours : CHF1'400 + transport
6 hours : CHF1'800 + transport
Additional hour : CHF300 + transport
Full night (12 hours) : CHF3'000 + transport
24h : CHF4'500 + transport


My address:
Outcall, Zurich
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I go to you

  • In my city
  • In Switzerland
  • For a week-end
  • For vacation
  • Hotel
  • At restaurant
  • All night long
  • Your place
  • Europe
  • World

I receive you

  • No, I'm sorry

I accept

  • Man

I'm more like

  • Straight

My tariffs

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I am free

Monday :
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