Types of clients for Geneva escort girls

In the field for escort in Geneva, all clients are different and each type has its own characteristics. We have already written an article on how to find the best escort in Geneva for clients looking for female companionship. If you are a new Escort in Geneva, you are wondering what these different types of clients are. But the answer is not so obvious because there are many factors that make up the classification of a client: their age, their sexual ability, their hygiene, their behavior and their mental health. We can, however, try to make a realistic classification. Here we go, Catgirl explains in detail what you need to know about your future clients.

Understand the needs of a client for escort in Geneva

Knowing the different types of escort clients will help you define the kind of clientele you want to reach. But this is only the beginning. You cannot succeed if you do not know this clientele. This is why we have also written an article on how to understand the needs of an escort client in Geneva. A fundamental step if you want to develop and keep your clients.

Preparing for an escort client in Geneva

You will learn to adapt your behavior for each client through your experience. But it may take some time considering your natural power of adaptation. Catgirl gives you the basic tips to prepare for your escort client appointments in Geneva. A must read for a quick time saving and experience.

What rich clients are looking for in an escort in Geneva

You are an escort and obviously you want a high-class clientele that will bring you a lot of money. Don’t think it’s that easy. Because the competition is tough and you need to develop a brand image tailored-made for this kind of client. To fully understand this issue, Catgirl has written an article on what rich clients look for when choosing an escort in Geneva. It’s up to you to do some work on yourself to understand them.

The best clientele for escort in Geneva

High-class escort clients in Geneva

These are obviously the best clients you can find in Geneva if you are on our Catgirl site. They are very respectful of the escort, her work, her private life or her needs. They always arrive on time and come with an apology if they are late. They understand that everything is not just about sex. They know how to plan everything well in advance, whether it’s dinners, outings, travel or entertainment. They don’t condescend to their Geneva escorts and respect them as individuals.

These high-class Geneva clients know how to treat an escort in bed with respect by not overstepping the boundaries set by her. They are usually very good at sex and know that there are two partners that need to be satisfied. A Geneva escort will consider a client to be excellent if his hygiene is impeccable, he dresses appropriately and appear to possess some intelligence. It is a superior lifestyle that must be considered. Geneva’s clientele is renowned for this. It’s up to you to carefully build your Catgirl profile to reflect a brand image that fits this level of clientele.

This type of clients in Geneva do not fall in love with their escorts because they know that this is a profession and that feelings of love are banned. But they tend to be loyal to their escorts and like to see them regularly. Yes, we can say that they make the escort business easier, safer and more fun in Geneva. And they have enough money to spend to not get bored. Respect and good manners come into play, but money remains the main criteria of distinction.

This is the clientele that every Geneva escort dreams of having. But it is also the most difficult to conquer. Not only because it is very demanding, but it requires constant efforts on your part. You must always be available and responsive within the hour if a client wants to see you. You must always be fit, mannered and attentive to her needs and desires. Some escorts who have a profile on Catgirl have experienced that. We have been able to guide and advise those who were just starting out in this business. Because you can’t make the slightest mistake with this high-end clientele. You have to get it right the first time. If you also need advice, do not hesitate to contact us from our Catgirl website.

How to act as an escort with a high-class client in Geneva?

If you’re smart, you’ll know immediately if you’re dealing with a high-class Geneva client. Treat them with care from the start. Show them enough respect and flatter their ego as much as possible. Be gracious, attentive, understanding and sexy at all times. Make wonders in bed with him. If he has unattractive features, don’t make references to his looks. You are providing a companionship service, so make sure you are formidably armed to take care of him. You need to put him at the center of the relationship without taking a back seat. It’s up to you to find the right balance to make him feel powerful enough without wanting to overpower you.

The best escorts in Geneva know how to listen to their clients. They are funny and open-minded. Make him want to come back. Always be flirtatious as during your first meeting. But above all, be classy and calm. Don’t fall on him, and don’t fall in love. You can’t control your feelings, but you must make a greater effort to do so. Rare are the love stories that end well between an escort and her Geneva client.

A necessary escort clientele in Geneva

The good clients of escorts in Geneva

The good clients are the high-class clients in Geneva who have lost some of their distinctive traits. They do not always respect the basic rules. Good clients can be respectful to a Geneva escort when they feel like it. But they can also be disrespectful and moody. But this is still a category of clients to have if you live in Switzerland. This represents a good part of the clients you will find on our Catgirl site. You will see more of them than the high-class clients, but they will represent a solid and steady base of your escort income.

These good clients tend to ask for a little more than the services you offer on your Catgirl escort profile. They may try to get sex acts from you that are not included in your basic package. That is, additional services but without having to pay extra. They may bring gifts and give good tips, but they may also choose to be late and not apologize at all. They tend to be handsome and personable in addition to having some wealth. Therefore, they can finance an escort in Geneva regularly, even though they may act like fools from time to time.

A good Geneva client may not be able to charm his escort immediately. But they are a necessary clientele if you want to have a good, trouble-free escort career. These clients tend to be charming but rather lacking. The same goes for regular dates. They have money to spend but are not as free to spend it as a high-class client would. Their money, looks and charm are usually the best thing about them. But no matter what, take care of your Catgirl profile to target this clientele. This is the best value for money.

How should a Geneva escort act with a good client?

Good Geneva clients don’t get as much attention as high-class clients. But you should never neglect them. Play to their strengths and show them off. Flatter their ego but in a discreet, teasing way with spirit and humor. Notice their bad sides early on and be vigilant to put them back in place at the slightest misstep. Know how far you want to go with your client and what your limits are. Be fun and pleasant. Don’t patronize or disrespect them. Don’t be so intimidated by his or her charm that you give up the price of your service. Remember to keep cool, that’s your value. Be smarter than him without manipulating him. With a little luck, you will be able to educate them as you wish.

This type of client will tend to ask for more than what you offer on your Catgirl profile. You will mention your basic services but be sure that a good client will try to convince you to accept services without paying more. For him, if he meets you regularly, it is normal that you should meet all his needs. This is a delicate situation and this is where you need to be clear with yourself. Are you willing to give a little more than your Catgirl profile for the same price and keep a regular client? Or are you willing to be firm with him and not go beyond the limits you have set for yourself? It’s up to you of course. But the best solution is probably in the middle, finding a compromise. Don’t forget that the competition is tough and that he could easily find other escorts in Geneva ready to give everything for a client.

Undesirable escort clients in Geneva

Mediocre clients of escorts in Geneva

When a client is not considered good but is still passable, they can be considered a mediocre client. They are known to have a lot of negative traits mixed with a few good ones. They are usually not as charming as good or high-class customers. Their conversations and personalities can be bland and unremarkable. But no matter what, not very interesting. Don’t expect to learn much about life from them. They will only come to you for short term sex sessions.

Any little spark that occurs in a mediocre client is too often temporary. They tend to be moderately respectful and overly sentimental. A mediocre client will try to bend the rules set up on the Geneva escort’s Catgirl profile. Most of the time, they will not even read the profile. They will stop at the pictures and judge the potential of a meeting only in this way. They can be condescending and insist on their virility or size. Geneva escorts know this too well. But they must deal with it if they want to make a good monthly income. You will not escape this clientele, as it is the most widespread in Geneva.

Worse, mediocre clients have a habit of not performing well in bed. They may also try to be abusive, both financially and morally. They have no charm and some escorts will not want to see them again. They don’t have impeccable hygiene either. But even more annoying, they think that their money makes them kings of the world. You need to have a strong character to be able to deal with this kind of client. If you are not clear or firm from the first phone call, you will be under the threat of being dominated by them.

How should a Geneva escort act with a mediocre client?

The best thing to do with a mediocre client is to respect them and accept the bad points as much as you can. They don’t deserve much, so only give them what they paid for. Be good company, not a judgmental monster. And keep it classy. But don’t do it if it’s going to affect your mental health. If you’re fragile, keep only the good ones and the high-class clients. If you take your career seriously from the start, you’ll get there.

The only reason most Geneva escorts work with mediocre clients is because they have money to spend. Respect and good manners are qualities that mediocre clients do not have. They are not gentlemen and will tend to make a bad comment on your Catgirl profile because of their high expectations. In general, it is best not to try too hard with this clientele. Try to be detached and not get too involved. You must avoid being dominated at all costs or it can take a toll on your mind and your mood.

An escort clientele to avoid in Geneva

The appalling escort clients of Geneva

Horrible clients are the fear of all Geneva escort girls. These are the worst possible clients who will visit your Catgirl profile, a real nightmare. They have every possible bad side. You know they are a bad client when they start disrespecting you even before your first meeting. They may use rude or abusive language during the first introductory conversation. Even when you meet, their disrespect is inevitable. They will not follow your rules and will try to manipulate them into their favor.

They may be beautiful or attractive, but they are a minority. The horrible Geneva clients do not know what they want and need to be guided by the escort. They are self-centered and seek to flatter their ego. They will be unable to be good in bed or share any desire with you. But even if they are good, they may ruin it by being too rough or unpleasant during sex. If they fail sexually, they will try to blame the escort for their mistakes or lack of experience. They only think about their own selfish pleasure. They will not be gentlemen enough to understand that good company is important or that good hygiene is crucial.

These types of clients will try to deceive you. For example, the excuse that they don’t have cash on them and will pay you later. They have abusive and violent attitudes. They may act crazy and force you to do things you did not agree to. They are not likely to be good at anything they do and will never have any charm. With them, you will want the session to end as quickly as possible.

A terrible client has one thing on his mind, sex. He will come to you only for that purpose. They will do it as soon as they get back to your place of work. Don’t expect an intellectual introductory conversation, but rather for him to jump on the bed before he even gets undressed. The good thing is that this type of escort client will tend to finish and leave before their time. A bad shortened time to spend.

You will get the clients you deserve if you neglect your Catgirl profile. These terrible clients are attracted to low-class escort profiles. For example, a poor description that only mentions the services provided without a thread. Or if the photos are not of good quality and too pornographic. We can never repeat it enough, your Catgirl profile is the image you build on your future clients. So you decide what kind of customers you want to attract. And you do it through your profile.

How should a Geneva escort act with a terrible client?

At the first signs that he might be a bad client, adapt your style of treatment to his behavior. Be strong and firm. Set your boundaries early on and be ready to remind him of them when he starts to stray. Say « no » gently when he tries to force you to do something that is not expected. If he continues anyway, raise your voice. The last thing to do is to threaten to report him to the police. Be prepared to cancel or leave the session if he becomes too invasive. Stroke his ego whenever possible and never patronize him.

The most important thing is to maintain your composure and dignity. Even if you know you’ll never see him again, play along. Tell him you are looking forward to seeing him again. Don’t let him leave the appointment feeling that you didn’t appreciate him. In any case, this clientele is not loyal and prefers to see other Geneva escorts every time. So no need to look for confrontation, make your appointment like a professional and forget about him as soon as he leaves.

Do not insult him. Don’t laugh at him. If a terrible client feels humiliated, he will do everything to sabotage your career as an escort in Geneva. He will not hesitate to put negative comments on your Catgirl profile. And that, you must avoid it at most. As long as he does not harm your physical and mental integrity, try to keep your face. But of course, if he goes beyond the tolerable limits, defend yourself and denounce him.

Be vigilant

As you can see, there are several types of clients in Geneva. You must be ready to react and adapt to each of them. Because yes, all of them will contact you. Don’t think that only high-class clients will call you for an appointment. You will have to handle hundreds of phone calls. That’s why you need to be able to quickly judge the basic points mentioned above. That’s how you can easily learn how to handle these different clients and know what to expect. We hope that our tips will be useful to you and that they will help you to find the right clients who will match your criteria.

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