What do rich men look for in Geneva escorts?

As we have already discussed, the escort clientele must be carefully selected. Be sure to read our article explaining the different types of clients for escort girls in Geneva. You can easily get an idea of what awaits you in your future career. But let’s go deeper into the most difficult clientele to conquer, the rich and refined men. You will have to understand the efforts and sacrifices you must make if you want to build up this clientele that all the Geneva Catgirl escorts dream of. 

Rich men for escort girls in Geneva

Wealthy businessmen often don’t have the time to have ongoing relationships when they travel to cities where they only spend a few days. Their work and their schedule do not allow it. They don’t want to flirt for weeks before they can meet a woman and spend a few hours with her. And repeat the same scenario in every city where their business calls them.

So these men use Geneva escorts to simplify the dating process. But they also do it for the sake of discretion. They can’t risk having a relationship with an escort come out publicly. They want everything to be well planned to avoid any surprises or inconveniences when they make a booking. It’s obviously a more expensive lifestyle but they can afford to spend lavishly. And it ensures that they have someone available when they want and eliminates the awkwardness of leaving each other after an appointment. Things are timed and at the end of the allotted time, both parties can go back to their regular lives. Until the day of the next appointment if you are lucky enough to become his regular date.

A tailor-made escort service in Geneva

Customized escorting service is the main attraction of this kind of relationship. We all need to feel that we are appreciated and wanted. More, that we feel important and useful. That’s why a good Geneva Catgirl escort must understand the needs of her client. Many men have demanding careers and don’t have the time to take care of themselves in the traditional way. So they prefer to book escorts on Catgirl who are women trained to be the best escorts of the moment.

The best escort girls in Geneva are educated and able to hold conversations on any subject. They have a sense of humor and a sensitivity that allows them to be a good friend for a few hours. They pay attention to their body and maintain it regularly to stay in shape. They can spend the night talking with their client, cuddling, or making love. This is at the discretion of their clients. And someone with limited time and ample financial resources will gladly pay for these moments.

The relationship of escort girls in Geneva

Many rich men regularly book the same escort in Geneva. And this is a great opportunity to conquer. This shows that a certain familiarity can also be sought, and a special connection can be established. They know what they can expect from these escorts and this reassures them.

The companionship offered by the Geneva escorts on Catgirl is both personal and impersonal. This means that they give the impression that they are only there for the client. This is the subtle game of love illusion. But there is no need to go too far in the relationship either. This is helpful when you are trying not to be alone and not to get too attached to someone. Some things can be experienced together, some things cannot. It’s up to you to set mental and physical boundaries for yourself so that your life isn’t too disrupted by these casual dates.

Some wealthy men are looking for escorts for conversions without mentioning their work or personal lives. Sometimes they just want a woman to lie in the sheets with for some fun and cuddling. In the realm of high-end companionship, things are much more complex than they seem. This companionship is like a short-term friendship or a short-lived romantic relationship. But without the burden of a long courtship and the preliminaries that precede a meeting. The companion is there when you plan and leaves when you plan. There is an established order to this and that order is safe.

Conversation and discretion of Geneva escorts

One thing that many people don’t think about when they start a conversation is to be non-judgmental. We all have friends with whom we can talk openly about anything. When it comes to the opposite sex, it’s a little harder to not feel judged for things you may or may not be aware of. This is where the Geneva Catgirl escorts are excellent. They know how to listen to everything a client tells them. With the added benefit that they are usually seen in public and offer a high level of discretion due to the nature of their work. They will never judge their clients or their actions.

Geneva escort girls are masters in the art of discretion. Everything that is said between them and their clients will never be disclosed. They will keep all conversations secret and will never judge the content of any information as confidential. A wealthy man who has built his own fortune or inherited it may want to discuss things that could harm him or his reputation. So talking to a Geneva escort ensures that it stays between the two of them. So be that kind of trusted escort to ensure a high-end clientele.

State of mind of a Geneva escort girl

The escort girls of wealthy men have busy lives. They travel and mix with refined and educated people. They therefore acquire, over time, general knowledge that they can use with new clients. They will be able to master and replicate many conversations beyond time and work. Many of them take pride in knowing so much about art, sports, politics or science. And this is to be able to maintain a conversation with any man at a decent level.

Geneva escorts have wit and repartee. They know when to laugh at jokes and when to hold back. Their conversations have something personal and friendly, while remaining professional. They can hold just about any conversation. Whether it’s about the most basic topics like the weather or sex, or whether it’s about politics or literature. They know all kinds of things. But they continue to learn alongside their clients and never share this confidential information with other clients.

Unrestricted relationships with an escort in Geneva

The biggest advantage of hiring an escort in Geneva is that there is no commitment other than to have a good time. If the client wants to see you again or not, it will of course depend on whether you have satisfied him to trigger a next appointment. This is why you should make the effort to prepare your meetings well. Find out what your client likes to do and innovate as much as you can. By deduction of his own hobbies, surprise him with new activities. A bored customer is a customer you won’t be able to keep.

These no-strings-attached relationships mean that there are no conditions or restrictions that would require you to be loyal and faithful. These relationships are usually purely physical or emotional. This means that, unlike a romantic relationship or a mistress, there is no real expectation of time outside of the scheduled dating period. There is also no expectation of anything other than payment at the end of the encounter. Clients, rich or not, don’t have to worry about their affair being revealed to their colleagues or even their partner if they have one.

What a rich man needs from his Geneva escort

With Geneva escort girls, clients can have a good time and not worry about birthdays, vacations or anything else. They are there to have a good time, that’s all. And whether it’s talking or having sex, they can be a little selfish and not care about their partner’s needs. In the escort world n Geneva, this is something that is completely normal and they are not judged for not maintaining a connection or communication once the date is over.

If a client wishes, he can book an escort in Geneva to come to his hotel room, take off her clothes as soon as she enters and focus entirely on sex. At least things are clear and he will get what he wants. A client can also quite happily request a simple one-on-one dinner that will not extend beyond that. The escorts in Geneva are not looking to do more with their clients than what they are requested for the meeting. It is simply a matter of knowing exactly what they want. A simple discussion can set the requirements and limits. And that’s why rich men are willing to pay the price. They obviously have an advantage over other men with less disposable income. They may have a little less time, but they have more money to spend on entertainment. But remember, this high-end clientele is very demanding. Satisfying them requires more effort.

Escaping with a Geneva escort girl

Wealthy men look for escort girls in Geneva because they want to escape their reality for a few hours and forget about their tiring responsibilities. That’s why you must do everything to disconnect him from his real world. He must forget everything with you. Rich men technically have more responsibilities and heavy loads in their careers and lives. Hence the need for total escape, because yes, they too want to escape like everyone else. But they can’t always schedule a week at the beach or a few days of vacation because of their responsibilities, their work and their busy schedules.

Going to see an escort in Geneva is a bit like taking a mini-vacation, getting away for a few hours or a whole night. Some men need to let go a little more than others. Their stress is even higher than most normal people’s due to their activities. So they look for alternative ways to relax with a woman. Some Geneva escorts often offer this possibility through an additional service they are able to provide. What most people don’t know and don’t understand is that some men are willing to pay a premium to fully submit to the idea of not being responsible for anything. Some people with very high responsibilities or activities in their job just want to give up control completely.

Losing control with a Geneva escort

This is where a smart eccort in Geneva can make a difference. Because these kinds of men want to lose all control and they want to lose it by force. That’s why they look for escorts who offer domination services. They want a girl who gives them orders, who tells them what to do and who controls their every move. This is an aspect of BDSM that is not often talked about, not enough anyway. It is still a bit taboo and considered shameful when it shouldn’t be. In this type of BDSM practice, the client gives up total control to a dominatrix who tells him what to do and when to do it. It’s up to you to develop your authoritarian side and learn to master a man beyond his power. If you want to expand your client base, you know what you have to do. Learn the BDSM techniques on how to dominate a man.

BDSM domination for wealthy men

As you should know, dominating a rich man does not always involve sexual acts. Domination is more often mental. It is something very liberating for those who seek to let go. The dominatrix provides an essential service and helps her clients to relax and forget everything for a while. It is a service that requires total trust between the escort and her client. You must have absolute discretion because it could end your client’s career if this type of preference is revealed.

The truth must be told. Many clients seeking domination are married and hold high power positions. Simply because they cannot ask their wives such behavior. And they need to spend a few hours in a place where no one can see them, for fear of revealing an image that still appears unconventional today. But mostly so that their wives don’t find out and discover their dark side.

This kind of clients have very special requests. It’s not about them or anything they can control. It’s about the ultimate release of control and they are willing to pay a high price for it. The release of stress is something so strong in these situations that paying is not a problem for wealthy men who feel this need. This is one of the main reasons why rich men seek out BDSM escorts in Geneva. Fulfilling this kind of fantasy requires a certain character for an escort in Geneva.

But be careful, you don’t improvise yourself a Domina just like that. If you don’t know anything about BDSM, you will have to train yourself in this art. Because if you give a domination session lightly, the client will feel cheated and will never come back to see you. But keep in mind the Japanese adage that sums up this kind of relationship: during the day the boss orders his secretary and at night the secretary orders the boss.

Geneva escort girls know how to have fun

That’s the simplest way to put it here, it’s fun. Rich men are looking to spice up their lives. Not everything can be all work and responsibility. Fun is necessary and it helps to keep the mind healthy and the body happy. Having fun with an escort girl in Geneva can be something that most cannot afford or can only afford once in a while. For this reason, wealthy men are often the main type of clients that escorts dream of having. They have less time at their disposal, but more money. So they use that time wisely and choose women who will give them exactly what they want, when they want it and where they want it.

Becoming an escort for a wealthy Geneva man requires superior and innate qualities that many women do not yet have. If you are targeting this clientele, you must train and acquire skills that will set you apart from other Geneva escorts. If you don’t take the time to make the difference, you will only be able to make an illusion during the first date. You don’t fool a wealthy man who has received the best training since he was born.

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