Understanding the needs of Geneva escort clients

There are many ways to understand the needs of an escort client. But first, you must read our article on the different types of escort clients in Geneva. You will learn how to differentiate them to better manage them. You must use your instinct when you first meet a client. This will allow you to get a general idea of his character. They say that first impressions are usually the right ones. And the more clients you have, the quicker you will be able to judge them quickly.

Introduction of a client for escort girl in Geneva

All men are different when it comes to meeting an escort in Geneva. Because each one has his own desires and fantasies. When a client walks through your door, the welcome you give him will be very revealing. If he reserves time with you, it is because there is something missing in his life. He is looking for companionship and that is what brought him to you.

When you first meet, start the conversation, and ask him what he wants to do. When it comes to the intimate side of a person, it’s best to be clear from the start. That’s why you need to be specific when creating your Catgirl escort profile. Since all your clients are different, you may need to ask them questions yourself. Most clients are shy and not very talkative, so you need to break the ice.

Some escort clients, on the other hand, know very well what they want when they come to see you. In this case, he will give you clear and precise indications on his expectations. Don’t forget that he has seen your Catgirl escort profile and that if you have mentioned your services, he already knows what you offer. If you feel a connection with him, ask him if he has any dreams or fantasies. You can then decide if you’re ready to fulfill them and satisfy him to the fullest. Also take the opportunity to ask him if he wants services not offered by your Catgirl profile. You will be able to think about it and offer him as an extra money if needed.

Understand a client of escort girl in Geneva

There will always be escort clients that you feel comfortable with and others that you don’t. Your goal is to have a satisfied client who will want to return. Always pay attention to your clients and never rush the time they have booked with you. If you are distracted and disconnected from the appointment, they will quickly notice. And you can be sure that they will never come back to see you. We’ve often counseled our Catgirls who had trouble getting through to a client. This kind of training is very useful considering the number of escort girls in Geneva.

The worst thing you could do to an escort client in Geneva is to cut the appointment short by neglecting your job. If a client books an hour, don’t kick him out before then. Some men only need a few minutes to be satisfied. The excitement of seeing a beautiful escort like you may cause him to finish faster than expected. In this case, offer him a drink and chat with him until the end of the appointment time. This will establish a relationship of trust and he will want to come back to you.

Regular clients of escort girls in Geneva

Many escorts in Geneva have regular clients thanks to their Catgirl profiles. In order to be successful with this type of client, you need to understand what they want and what their motivations are for coming to you. Think about how you have been able to attract past regular clients. You may have your own way of identifying their needs. If you have regular clients, you are finally doing things right. They come back because you have provided them with a memorable experience.

Understanding the needs of escort clients means listening to what they say. Don’t assume if you’re not sure and don’t hesitate to ask them for clarification. This should be easy enough if you are an experienced escort in Geneva on Catgirl. But if you are rather young and new, it will take a little more work. Sometimes clients are in a good frame of mind and sometimes they can be a little down. If they are a regular customer, you will be able to react to their mood. You may already know what to do and if you are not sure, ask them.

Another way to understand an escort client’s needs is to understand why they came to you the first time. Is he unlucky in his relationships, lonely and wants company? Is he married but not finding what he needs in his relationship? Maybe he’s a businessman who doesn’t have time to invest in a relationship or a date? Whatever the case, listen to what he says. If he comes back, you’re on the right track to understanding his needs. You’re a Catgirl, you know how to handle this kind of situation.

First meeting of a client for escort in Geneva

If you want to understand your client’s needs, the best way to start is to communicate openly with them. Your first meeting should begin with honesty and understanding. Although you won’t be sharing a lot of personal information, that shouldn’t stop you from talking extensively about all the non-sensitive topics of escort clients.  They will probably tell you more about why they sought you out than if you asked them yourself.

Talk openly to Geneva escort clients about the services you offer on Catgirl and make sure what they are looking for. You should talk about everything in detail during your first meeting with them. After a few meetings at your place, ask if they are open to going out. If they are not married or in a loving relationship, going out in public for dinner and drinks may be something they want to do. If he’s chatty, you obviously know what his needs are already. You may understand them, but that doesn’t mean you approve or agree with them.

If you are seeing an escort client for the first time and you don’t like him, it’s best to close the door on any further bookings. If they are a regular client, you are most likely comfortable discussing their needs and what you can do to satisfy them. There are many people who don’t know how to communicate with each other and that could be part of his problem if he has a partner and is shying away from coming to you. Always keep the dialogue open with your client. A good understanding is necessary. A Catgirl is interested and invested in her escort relationship in Geneva.

The services of escort girl for client in Geneva

To understand the needs of an escort client in Geneva, start with the basic services you offer. These will be displayed on your Catgirl profile and are likely the reason this client chose you. When you first meet and have that initial conversation, make sure they understand the full scope of the services you offer. In general, only mention the services you are willing to fully perform. If there are additional services you are considering, keep them available on a client-to-client basis, not on your Catgirl profile. You will then have the choice to do it if you like this client. But more importantly, it leaves you open to asking for extra money to increase your income.

If you offer escort services that meet your client’s needs, add a little extra to make their experience memorable. You want to have clients that you are attracted to and have a special connection with. So, this is a good filter to keep only the ones you want. If they become regular clients, you understand their needs. And you can adjust yours for total harmony.

When you post a list of services on your Catgirl escort profile, make sure it is not open to interpretation. Sometimes things are a little vague and a client may assume it means something that it doesn’t. If you list the services you offer, make sure they are crystal clear. You want happy customers who leave with an unforgettable experience.

If your client starts arguing with you over a misunderstanding about a Catgirl service, ask them what they really want. Discuss it in detail. If you’re willing to do that then go ahead. But remember, if you give in to him once, it can become a habit if he becomes a regular client. You can always tell him that you will do it this time, but that it is not part of the basic escort services offered. If you don’t feel like offering it to the client, tell them that. It is likely that he is trying to get more than you are willing to give. This is a red flag, you will need to be careful with him in the future.

The scope of escort services for clients in Geneva

You and only you are in control of the services you offer. But you must be able to understand the needs of your escort clients very quickly. If these needs exceed the services indicated on your Catgirl profile or agreed upon between you, you are the one who decides whether to do them or not. You can say no and offer an alternative that is on your list that is close to what they want.

A good way to ensure that you have control over the escort services you offer is to create your own Catgirl profile. If someone does this for you, be sure to review it before posting it. Also, a client may not understand their own needs and it is up to you to find out. When escort clients book time with you and let you know what they expect, it is easier for you to prepare.

If a client doesn’t know his own desires, start by offering the basic services listed on your Catgirl escort profile. If you offer a GFE and your client makes an appointment with you for an outcall, it’s usually because they want to be seen with a beautiful woman. Having a good time and enjoying an outcall with your client will help meet his needs. Your services can range from very intimate acts to girlfriend experiences and travel. Whatever your Catgirl services are, you are in complete control. Your client has come to you because he has read about the services you offer. This can help you understand their needs.

How to satisfy a client for escort girl in Geneva?

If you want to make an escort client happy, you must first understand his needs. Logical yes, but not so easy. A client is happy because he is satisfied with the time spent with you. All your clients will have different needs and it is up to you to match them. To understand their needs, you need to get to know your clients. If it’s a new client, it may be difficult to determine his needs. But you can try to determine them based on your first conversation you had on the phone before the first meeting.

When escort clients book time with you, they are letting you know in broad strokes what services they want. On your first meeting, offer him a drink and relax a bit. If he doesn’t initiate the conversation, you can start by asking him what makes him happy. Ask him face to face what he wants. When he tells you, you can begin to understand his needs. Some men just want companionship, others want intimacy. When you’re under the sheets, his body language speaks for itself. If he’s into you, you can quickly figure out what his needs are, probably only sexual. If he takes his time and is gentle with you, it may be that he wants intimacy and simply to enjoy your proximity. A happy customer is a customer who will come back. A positive experience will him with a lasting memory. He could become a regular client if you have well identified his needs.

A regular escort client in Geneva should never feel like he is wasting his time. The more you see him, the more monotony can set in. No miracles, you must constantly innovate and find new services to offer him. But you’re a Catgirl escort, so you’ll do anything to make it happen. Keeping a regular client requires more effort and imagination, but that’s the price you have to pay to keep him.

How to manage a conflict with a client of escort girl in Geneva?

If you and your client are not on the same page and cannot get along, it is very likely that you have not understood your client’s needs. If this is the case, don’t waste your time and don’t see him again. Or, on the contrary, dig deeper into the subject. If you feel you can’t get along early in the relationship, why not try a different approach to solve the problem before it gets out of hand. Sometimes people just don’t get along. As a Catgirl escort in Geneva, you will meet many different personalities. There are many clients that you will not have much in common with, that is the sad reality.

Unless the client really irritates you, try to approach the appointment from a different angle. Sit down with him and start a conversation. Ask him a few questions about himself and what he hopes to get out of your first meeting. He may be open to discussion, but he may not. If he’s not, it’s up to you to start asking the questions. If you can’t agree, this will be your first and last time together. If your questions and your insistence on communicating help and you find that you are now on the same page, you have succeeded, and your client will feel that you understand him.

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