• Zurich
  • 29 ans
  • Rousse
  • 161-165 cm
  • Naturelle
  • Espagne
  • Noisette
  • Mince
  • 51-55 Kg
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We are Mistress Black and Lady Kajiri.

We are two international Mistresses, Spanish and Irish by origin. Couple in life, Mistress and Submissive in the game and both Mistresses for you. Our joint sessions are especially dynamic and erotic, being one of us in the role of Mistress and sometimes in the role of my submissive next to you, so that we are not just two Mistresses that dominate you, but we interact with each other so that everything is connected and happens in a more natural way… I like elegance and good manners, you can write me with a presentation on which I will evaluate if we are in the same line and based on that, if I think it convenient, we will continue with the conditions.

This is not a supermarket, and we do not like to run automated sessions. Automated sessions. We will listen to you carefully to understand what kind of slave you are, your preferences and slave you are, your preferences and limits, but of course after that I will decide then I will decide what to do in session and what kind of path we will walk together. we will go together. Touching your limits and the sky at the same time, in order to take the experience to other levels. In session she plays as my submissive next to you and as Mistress under my orders, so the sessions together become very sessions together become very dynamic and erotic. We do also exclusively cuckold sessions.

The perfect figure for us is the sugar slave, a man who is comfortable in his role as a submissive, solvent and generous and who enjoys vitiating us. We appreciate elegance and eloquence, we don’t care about your age or physical appearance and we require good manners and respect in addressing us.

Sessions must be arranged in advance, and a small advance payment of the total amount is required to formalize the appointment.

We are also willing to travel for longer experiences if the proposal adapts to our requirements.
It can be a one or two-day trip, or an extended half-day experience with a visit to an art exhibition, theatre, dinner in an elegant place and a session with no time limit.

International Mistress, Spanish by origin, for the first time on tour in Spain. Besides Mistress, I am a performer and a psychology student. My sessions start from the psychological domination. For me, it is the base, without it, the physical practices are meaningless. They say I have the ability to be both sadistic and sweet at the same time. I like to create a safe space where I can explore those dark areas, filling them with light. I don’t like sessions where there is no background, no feeling or theatricality. Likewise, I prefer long sessions where the role is established gradually, and the practices come more naturally, more as a means than as an end. Likewise, I like elegance and good manners, you can write me with a presentation on which I will evaluate if we are in the same line and based on that, if I think it is convenient, we will continue with the conditions.



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Via 0, Zurich

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  • Lesbienne


J'accepte les photos
Oui, sans le visage pour 100 CHF en supplément.
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Non, désolée

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Dès 400 CHF
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