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  • Zurich
  • 29 ans
  • Rousse
  • 161-165 cm
  • Naturelle
  • Espagne
  • Noisette
  • Mince
  • 51-55 Kg
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I am Mistress Black, an International Mistress, originally from Spain, though my regular cities include London, as well as Milan, Rome, Berlin, or Madrid during my regular tours.

I am particularly interested in BDSM on a psychological level, as I believe it is the foundation before all physical practices. I appreciate a slave who enjoys their submissive role, where acts of torture or humiliation are seen as rewards rather than punishments. For me, this is the subtle difference between a Mistress and a Dominatrix. I embody both, but primarily, I am a Mistress. In my understanding, a Mistress is a role model, a mentor, a woman whom you see as a goddess and feel the need to worship—not merely because she is dressed in latex with a threatening whip, but because the need to adore her becomes intrinsic, and you would do so even if she were in pajamas. Positive reinforcement is key, rather than negative.

I firmly believe that BDSM can be therapeutic for both parties when practiced ethically and without prejudice, fostering and paving the way for complete self-acceptance. I encounter very different individuals, but I can usually categorize them into two types: those who come from a place of hate and those who come from a place of love.

Some come with a lack, a fear, or a blockage, using BDSM to mask it. Others arrive with a desire to explore their true selves.

I strive to redirect individuals from the first group, guiding them towards a journey of self-awareness, and hope that this journey with me leaves them with something positive. I aim to transform those blockages, fears, or taboos into a means of achieving self-love. Naturally, I also relish the journey towards self-expansion with those in the second group.

Moreover, my interest lies in the more spiritual side of sexuality. I delved into tantra long before BDSM, and when I began to explore the latter, I realized they had much more in common than I initially thought. I enjoy leading the submissive into a state of trance, acceptance, and surrender, akin to deep meditative states.

While I speak of the psychological aspect as the foundation, I also engage in a wide variety of physical practices, which I enjoy as personal fetishes. As an admirer of elegance, I prefer to discuss these in private. I can say that I specialize in inducing worship as an essential element, often centered around the foot, feminization including sissy baptism and training, as well as clinical themes, among many other practices.

I conduct an initial screening based on your introduction. I appreciate elegance and good manners. I accept novices, but you must have a basic understanding of how to address me. A small deposit is required.


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Via 0, Zurich
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