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The desire for anal sex is common among clients, and many express the wish. How do you respond to such a request? It’s crucial to understand that anal sex requires a great deal of preparation to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for both parties.

This article will give you all the information you need: how to refuse politely if you’re not comfortable with the practice, the essential preparations if you agree, and the steps to take afterwards.

Are you ready for anal sex?

The appeal of anal sex can be particularly strong in inexperienced people. However, their enthusiasm should not force you to accept. Anal sex can be complex and painful without the proper precautions. So make sure you’re really ready before you consent.

It’s perfectly normal not to be interested in or enjoy anal sex. It’s important to know your body and your limits to determine whether anal sex is right for you. As with any sexual activity, consent is essential. If you don’t agree, you should never feel obliged to comply with your client’s request.

If you know from the outset that you’re not interested in anal sex, set clear rules from the start. This will facilitate communication and allow everyone to know the limits before any encounter.

If you do agree to anal sex, remember that you always have the option of stopping if you feel uncomfortable or if the pain becomes unbearable. Initial consent does not oblige you to continue at all costs. Communicate openly with your partner about your sensations and inform him or her if you feel the need to stop or change position.

How do I decline a request for anal sex?

Declining such a request after you’ve met the client can be tricky, because it’s all about satisfying the client while tactfully declining the request. How you phrase your refusal and the tone you use are crucial. Striking the right balance can take a little practice.

Some escorts choose to decline while keeping the conversation light and pleasant to avoid any tension. Offering other services or talents can be an alternative to find a compromise with the customer.

Explaining the risks and constraints associated with anal sex can also help justify your decision. Inform your customers that lack of preparation or simply disinterest in the practice are the reasons for your refusal.

It’s important to value and thank customers who respect your decision.

Preparing for anal sex as an escort

If you decide to engage in anal sex, how do you go about it? Proper preparation, both physical and mental, is essential for a successful experience.

Proper preparation for anal sex involves finding out and practicing beforehand to discover what works for you, and preparing your body for the practice at least one to two hours before intercourse.

Get the facts before anal sex

Before you embark on anal sex, it’s crucial to be properly informed. Familiarize yourself with the risks, psychological implications and body knowledge required.

It’s often advisable to explore yourself before experimenting with a partner. Start with gentle self-stimulation, proceeding slowly and using plenty of lubricant to identify what gives you pleasure and what may be uncomfortable.

The use of lubricant is essential for all types of anal play to minimize pain and the risk of injury. Water-based lubricants are preferable, as they are compatible with condoms and sex toys.

When you feel comfortable with self-exploration, you can gradually introduce sex toys. Start with small toys and gradually increase according to your comfort level. Move at your own pace, without rushing into larger toys than those usually used for masturbation.

Maintaining cleanliness

Preparation is essential for a satisfying anal experience. Here are a few tips to limit discomfort and ensure optimum hygiene.

Before any anal practice, clean the area with soap and water or a baby wipe. Some people prefer to use an enema or anal douche for a more thorough cleansing, although these methods have their drawbacks.

An enema or anal douche, which involves introducing water into the rectum to remove fecal matter, can lead to bloating, diarrhea or affect electrolyte balance if used frequently. If you opt for this method, be careful not to make it a daily habit. It is advisable to use a vaginal douche or enema one to two hours before starting anal activity. Whichever route you take, make sure you clean up before your appointment.

Anticipate the unexpected

Despite all your efforts and preparations, it’s impossible to guarantee absolute cleanliness during an anal experience. This can be a source of stress, as no one wants to be perceived in a negative light during an intimate act. However, accepting the possibility of minor accidents can help alleviate embarrassment or shame.

Don’t be surprised to encounter a few inconveniences and plan accordingly. Having a towel or wipes on hand for quick clean-up can be helpful.

Anal sex positions

Having addressed the challenges of anal sex, let’s move on to the more playful aspects. Being the receptive partner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experience to the full.

Testing out different positions can reveal a world of new sensations. Many women report achieving anal orgasm when practiced correctly. So feel free to explore and discover what suits you best.

Here are some recommended positions to get you started:

Doggy style: A classic, effective for both anal and vaginal sex. Make sure your partner goes gently, and use plenty of lubricant.

Cowgirl / Reverse Cowgirl: Sit on top of your partner, facing him or her or with your back to him or her, and manage the rhythm. This position can be particularly intimate and offers many variations to explore.

Spooning: Perfect for beginners, this position offers a gentle, controlled approach. Lie on your side, with your partner behind you, and adjust the angle of entry by lifting your leg.

Missionary: Although less common for anal, this position offers a unique angle and is well worth a try.

Feel free to experiment with these positions and discover others. Anal orgasms can be deeply satisfying, and it’s rewarding to find the position that suits you best.

Stock up on lubricant

It’s essential to stress the importance of lubricant in any anal activity, as the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication like the vagina does. Before you start, make sure you have enough lubricant on hand, and bring extra to cover any eventuality.

Generous application of lubricant can make anal penetration far more comfortable for both partners, easing insertion and making the experience more pleasurable, while reducing the risk of injury or tearing. It is advisable to lubricate both penis and anus before proceeding, and to be prepared to add more during the act if necessary.

The use of a condom is highly recommended, which makes water-based lubricants the wisest choice. Unlike oil- or silicone-based lubricants, water-based lubricants won’t damage condoms, silicone or polyurethane sex toys. Although saliva can be used as a substitute if necessary, it evaporates more quickly than specialized lubricants and should only be used as a last resort.

Preparation and warm-up

Initiating sodomy can be tricky, which is why it’s a good idea to warm up beforehand. Start by inserting one or two fingers to relax the anus before moving on to more intense practices. This type of preparation can help relax the sphincter muscles, making entry easier.

Some people opt to wear an anal plug beforehand in anticipation of subsequent anal activity. Using toys such as anal beads to warm up, gradually increasing in size, can also be beneficial in preparing for penetration.

Maximizing the anal experience

There are several tips for making anal sex as pleasurable and satisfying as possible. These tips can simplify the process and provide a memorable experience for your partner.

Don’t neglect foreplay

Foreplay plays a crucial role in enhancing the sexual experience, including anal. While it’s not always possible to warm up properly with a partner, it’s highly recommended. Foreplay can not only intensify orgasms but also facilitate anal penetration.

Consider warming up with anal sex toys, buttock massages, or even rimming and analingus, if you’re comfortable with these practices. These activities can greatly contribute to a fulfilling sexual experience.

Essential precautions

The use of condoms is crucial in professional sex. The absence of natural lubrication in the anus increases the risk of micro-lesions, making it easier to transmit STDs during anal intercourse. So make sure you have a sufficient supply of condoms. They are your first line of defense against STDs and can also reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections for both partners.

It’s vital to have several condoms on hand, especially if you change positions or activities. Avoid allowing your partner to switch from anal to vaginal or oral sex without changing condom, a risky practice known as double dipping that can lead to serious infections. Renewing the condom regularly, especially during a prolonged session, is an effective measure to limit the transmission of bacteria.

Proceed gently

This is all the more important for those new to anal sex. Take your time and don’t rush anything. This applies as much to foreplay and warm-up as to the act itself. Patience allows you to adapt gradually and comfortably. Communicate openly with your partner about your sensations, indicating what is pleasurable and what is not. If possible, control the rhythm.

Refuse pain

If you’ve prepared well and followed this advice, the anal experience should be pleasant. However, if pain occurs, it’s imperative to stop immediately. Pain is not a normal phenomenon and may indicate the need for more lubricant, a change of angle or speed adjustment. Do not attempt to overcome it. If no comfortable position is found, consider taking a break and trying again later.

The key is communication

Communication is fundamental to any interaction, and this is especially true of anal sex. Be aware of your limits and communicate them clearly to your partner. Express any pain or discomfort you feel, and don’t hesitate to interrupt the activity if necessary.

Effective communication about your needs, such as additional application of lubricant, adjustment of angle or speed, increases the chances of a satisfying and orgasmic experience.

Reaching orgasm

When it comes to achieving orgasm during sodomy, here are a few techniques that significantly increase your chances compared to anal sex alone:

Clitoral stimulation

During anal sex, the clitoris is generally not stimulated in most positions. Stimulating yourself or asking your partner to do so, or using a vibrator or other sex toy, can greatly enrich your anal experience. This method greatly increases the chances of orgasm for many women.

Double penetration

For added vaginal stimulation, why not experiment with double penetration? You don’t need another partner for this. A sex toy can do the trick just fine. Many women find this practice extremely satisfying and achieve intense orgasms.

Regular practice

Getting used to anal sex through regular practice is an excellent way of adapting to the experience and discovering what suits you best. Over time, you’ll become more comfortable with the sensations and be able to relax enough to reach orgasm.

Do what you like

Whether it’s nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation or anything else, go for what gives you the most pleasure. Everyone is unique, so feel free to experiment and stimulate yourself in different ways during anal penetration.

Post-anal care

Taking care of yourself after anal practice is just as crucial as preparing beforehand. Give yourself a moment to clean up and check that everything is in order once you’ve finished.


It’s vital to clean up after anal sex, as microscopic fecal residues can remain and lead to infection. Taking a shower is a good option, but if this isn’t possible, wash with soap and water or use a wet wipe. Be sure to clean the whole genital area, not just the anus, to prevent the spread of bacteria. Don’t forget to clean any toys you use, as well as your hands.

Communicating with your partner

Sodomy can be an intimate and vulnerable experience, especially the first few times. Talking with your partner after the act can help decompress and reflect on the experience. If he or she is a regular customer, talk about what you could improve for next time, what you enjoyed or disliked.

Post-act pain

It’s normal to feel some sensitivity after a sodomy, even if you follow all the advice mentioned. You may experience discomfort when sitting down or in certain positions. This is perfectly normal. A warm bath with Epsom salt can relieve the pain and provide a well-deserved moment of relaxation.

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