Escort duos in Geneva

Considerations for an escort duo in Geneva

Escort agencies and independent escorts exist to provide that unique sexual and sensual experience that many male clients seek. If you are considering offering this service, it is essential to know what to consider before teaming up with another escort for a duo. To get an idea of the different group sex services, we invite you to read our article on group sex for escort in Geneva. You will discover that it has many more possibilities than the classic duo with another escort.

There are many things to consider before you can offer an escort duo in Geneva. From the service to how you split your fees. Teaming up with another escort is a great way to develop your passion as an escort in Geneva and earn extra income at the same time. Knowing these considerations can help you prepare for this and, at the same time, understand how an escort duo works. Here we go.

What is an escort duo in Geneva?

Some people work best with a partner or colleague, others prefer to do things on their own. But there’s no denying the fact that one of a man’s ultimate fantasies is to have two beautiful women in his bed at the same time. Some rich men sometimes don’t stop at one escort duo and book several at once. Well, it is true that you must be wealthy to afford this kind of fantasies. Let’s focus on the duos of escorts for now.

Today, people are more and more liberated when it comes to their sex life. They are becoming more curious and want to explore and experience their sexuality in a deeper way. Especially men. They can now turn their erotic fantasies into the real world. And one of the most popular sexual fantasies among men is the threesome. Today, it’s not something unusual, far from it. It has even become a trend and many people want to try it. However, some women are not comfortable with the idea of sharing their boyfriend or husband with another woman. Therefore men who want to try this type of sexual practices often turn to escort duos in Geneva. And if you’re in the sex industry, you should be fully equipped to know how it all works.

Why do men like escort duos in Geneva?

Before you know the considerations for an escort duo, you need to know why this activity is very popular with clients. Duo escorts are in high demand because it is a « duo », plain and simple. The men get double of everything. Having two mouths to give him pleasure and four hands to explore and play with his heterogeneous areas, they love it. But more than that, a duo will flatter her ego and make her feel all powerful. Do not neglect this aspect and play with it. Most of the time, you’ll have to play the submissive girl rather than the dominatrix.

Men can always mix and match. There are plenty of possible combinations that two women can do to a man. And many are dying to know that. And just the thought of it brings up an often extreme desire in them. It is very erotic to watch pornographic videos with such scenes and the idea of being able to do it themselves excites them more. After watching these kinds of movies, the temptation becomes too great not to try it in the real world. And that’s where you get into the game.

Men and threesomes in Geneva

The threesome is a fantasy and a dream for most men. However, not everyone can try it on command. It can be difficult, especially for couples. They may not like the idea of another woman being added to their basic relationship. This can lead to jealousy and insecurity in the couple. It can also be embarrassing to do it in front of other people. But most men want to experience a threesome, that’s the reality. Even if it’s just once in their lives. They might like the idea of you rubbing up against another woman while they get off on watching you. To finally join.

Men tend to be very confident when it comes to their sexual skills. They want to take charge and call the shots. But this should not be the case at all times. In an escort duo, you and your escort friend should primarily set your own terms with your client. Don’t worry, many men prefer their escorts to take the lead in a threesome. They simply want to lay back and watch you play with each other. The fact that you can do whatever you want can make you feel more confident as well.

What clients look for in a Geneva escort duo

Before you team up with another girl for an escort duo, you need to understand that men have different tastes when choosing a duo. They may prefer two contrasting women who are identical in almost every physical aspect. For example, you must both have the same hair color and silhouette. But other clients prefer diversity, like a blonde escort teaming up with a brunette beauty. It all depends on what the client wants of course.

Escort duos on Catgirl

And here we want to give you a little niche advice. Because few escorts do it or even think about it. Do not hesitate to make a duo of gender. Namel, you with a transsexual. You never see this kind of duos on the sites of erotic advertisements. And yes there is a demand, believe us. On Catgirl, you can easily make duos by linking your profile to another profile of the site. And it’s all free. So why not ask a transsexual to do a duo with you? It’s actually very simple. In your account, you have the Duo function. You can choose another profile and send a duo request. There is even a space to send her a message. This is your chance to introduce yourself and explain why you want to make a duo with her. Yes, you don’t need to know the person, you can just send her a duo request. Catgirl is the only site to offer this concept, and for free. No need to create and pay a new duo profile for that.

Types of escort duos in Geneva

Did you know that there are different types of escort duos? This is one of the things you need to consider when teaming up with another escort. There is the contrast duo. You can partner up with a girl who doesn’t exactly look like you. You may be blonde and wild while she may be brunette and passive. Your client can have two different tastes while enjoying each one. He may be attracted to blondes but also want to play with a brunette or a redhead at the same time.

On the other hand, he may have an identical escort duo. Your client may have you and someone who resembles you in height, body type or other physical characteristics. He may indeed feel the need to have two of his ideal girls serving him at the same time. The idea is too tempting to resist, you’ll see.

Catgirl: escort girls in duo in Geneva

Are the escorts in duo bisexual in Geneva?

This is an important question to consider before teaming up with another escort for a duo. In some cases, they are bisexual yes. But escorts are very professional. And they may consider a duo as part of their job. In this case, they don’t feel bisexual. But whatever happens, it is important that you are comfortable with each other so that the meeting goes well, and you are comfortable with each other and with the client.

You don’t need to force yourself to do services with any other woman. It is best to have your own group of women that you are comfortable with for escort duos in Geneva. After all, you may start the night touching each other and it wouldn’t be professional if you weren’t attracted to a partner you chose.

It often happens that an escort always works in duo with one other escort. A girl she knows well and with whom she feels comfortable. This also means that she wouldn’t be comfortable with just any other girl, especially if she doesn’t know her. This is why some clients have a hard time finding two independent escorts who will accept a duo. It is easier to go through an escort agency that can offer this service without any problem.

How do the escort duos in Geneva work?

Before the client joins your escort duo, both of you must begin the festivities. Generally, by touching and caressing each other. This is a way to prove to your client that you are both comfortable with each other. It can also be a visual simulation for your client. The two girls can give each other pleasure and later on it will encourage the client to join in. Because yes, a client will want to participate sooner or later.

Your goal is to satisfy your client and fulfill his fantasy. To achieve this, everyone involved must be as comfortable as possible with each other. Most of the time, it is your client who will seem a little nervous. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous yourself.

This is why you should think carefully before agreeing to work with another escort in Geneva. It is important to be comfortable with your partner so that you can take charge and the client can feel relaxed. Because a client can easily feel if you are not comfortable. And that can ruin everything, you may well think.

Finding a colegue for an escort duo in Geneva

Divide the tasks and the pay

Having a working partner can be great and exciting. But unresolved issues can be a source of confusion for both of you. So it’s best to agree on all possible terms before you commit. And especially on the services you are willing to do with your friend and to your clients.

It’s also important to be clear on the division of client compensation before you partner up for an escort duo. Most of the time, you will start with a 50/50 split of earnings. However, if you offer more services than your partner, this can be a problem for either of you. Because you need to be rewarded for your efforts and responsibilities correctly.

If you are doing all the preliminaries while the other is just being passive, there is clearly an inequality of treatment. Be clear not only about the division of your earnings, but also about your overall duties and responsibilities. But if you work for an agency, that won’t be a problem. They know how to handle this kind of situation. Just make sure that each of you will be paid fairly, that’s all.

Trust each other

Trust is an essential consideration when you engage in a duo escort service. That’s why you should choose your partner based on their experience. And someone you are really close to can be a better solution. To do it right, both of you should be oriented towards the satisfaction of your clients. Of course, you can make some adjustments over time or based on a customer’s behavior. The important thing is that you both have common goals in mind. 

Before you start anything, figure out how you can make sure you are doing everything right. What are the indicators that your client is indeed satisfied and appreciative of both of you. Agree on who needs to adapt in specific situations and how you will handle unexpected scenarios. Be vigilant at all times.

Plan time to work together

You may not feel like discussing the length of your partnership, but this is one of the things you need to consider when teaming up with another Geneva escort. You need to be clear on how far you can both go in business together. Won’t having the same partner over and over again diminish all the excitement and fun? It is recommended to have a clear agreement on when you can both team up. Is it possible to have an exclusive partnership with her or do you want to do business together only once a month? You also need to be flexible and strategize in order to give your clients the greatest satisfaction.

Agree on the escort duo

The most important thing in a partnership is your agreement. That is, you need to consider this when you team up for an escort duo in Geneva. Just like in a marriage, you need to have a certain pre-nuptial agreement. How will you handle things in case someone decides to break up the partnership? How will you respond to your clients and explain your current situation? How will you compensate each other in case something goes wrong with your transaction because of you?

Successful duo escorts must have a clear set of agreements. They must communicate and address each other’s concerns. You must have a clear set of roles, duties and responsibilities. It takes a lot of planning and discussion to get the desired outcome. Be open about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Sit down, talk and listen to each other’s ideas. You can also conduct an evaluation after working on a client to improve your future performance.

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