How to prepare an escort appointment in Geneva

Things to remember

For every customer, it’s essential to present an impeccable appearance. This includes everything from your attire, hairstyle, make-up and personal hygiene, to the state of your apartment, if you receive customers at home. Maintaining an efficient routine maximizes your profitability by reducing wasted time and offering the best version of yourself to every customer. It’s important that your efforts are reflected in the positive reviews left by customers, whether on Catgirl or in the city where you practice. Clean-up and preparation between appointments are crucial, especially when they come in quick succession.

Prepare your outfits in advance

To facilitate quick changes, consider preparing several outfits in advance, especially if you’re making house calls. This allows you to change clothes quickly and efficiently. When you have more time between visits, you can go home to change. If your appointments are close together, keep essentials in your bag for a basic outfit that doesn’t require a complete change, giving the impression of continuity for each customer.

Use the bathroom

Use the bathroom during your visits for quick adjustments, such as changing lingerie or making slight alterations to your appearance to suit your next customer’s preferences. If time is of the essence and a return to your home is not an option, plan ahead for places where you can change, or opt for an easily changeable outfit in a public restroom or changing room. Although far from ideal, these solutions can be a recourse if you urgently need to change without the possibility of returning home.

Choose an elegant hairstyle

To optimize your hair preparation before meeting your next client, it’s crucial to choose a hairstyle that’s elegant, attractive and easy to arrange. If you don’t have time to style your hair before leaving your previous appointment, you can do so quickly in a cab or using public transport. Choose a hairstyle that remains attractive even after it’s been undone a little, and that’s easy to put back in place. If you work from home, you’ll have easy access to your styling tools and a good mirror, making it easier to maintain your style. On the other hand, when you’re out and about, make at least one basic repair before you leave, especially if your hair has become soiled. Even if a complete makeover isn’t possible, becoming an expert in quick touch-ups is essential. Practice quick and effective hairstyles, and opt for styles that remain beautiful even when slightly disheveled.

Lipstick care

When it comes to make-up, knowing how to quickly readjust is just as important. Start with a careful application, possibly using a setting spray to prolong hold. Become so adept at this that you can make any necessary touch-ups using the bathroom before you leave or on the way to your next appointment. Opt for quality make-up that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups, except perhaps a reapplication of lipstick. Consider investing in good products and a make-up course, or ask professional make-up artists for advice. Touch-ups should be minimal if the make-up is well done. Also be prepared to adapt your make-up to suit the type of date, whether it’s a fancy dinner party or a more casual get-together.

Plan your make-up

Organizing your appointments according to the intensity of make-up required is an effective strategy. Start with appointments requiring lighter make-up and progress to those requiring a more sophisticated style, such as black-tie events. This approach allows you to gradually add make-up throughout the day, which is quicker and more convenient than removing make-up and starting from scratch. For this, good planning and a well-stocked make-up bag, adapted to your needs and easily transportable, are essential.

Your make-up kit should include the essentials, with a few extras for touch-ups or unexpected changes. Consider including make-up remover wipes and travel-size products, which are often available from quality make-up brands as samples or miniature versions. Make sure your kit is compact enough to carry easily throughout the day.

Don’t forget shower gel

For appointments requiring a shower afterwards, it’s ideal to plan them at home. However, if this isn’t possible, be prepared by packing a small bottle of refillable soap and wipes or a washcloth. Hotel room appointments are generally simpler to manage in this respect, as hotels provide the essentials for a quick shower. Don’t forget to include a travel-size deodorant, as well as clean underwear and a toothbrush pre-loaded with toothpaste for quick and easy use.

Managing your escort apartment

With experience, you’ll refine your routine and better determine when a shower is needed between appointments. This practical experience will help you optimize your preparation and gain in efficiency and comfort.

Always keep your apartment tidy

To prepare your apartment effectively between appointments, planning is essential. Depending on the nature of your appointments, you may need to tidy up more or less between each one. It’s a good idea to schedule messier appointments towards the end, or to allow more time between appointments if the first one requires a lot of tidying up. Anticipate the items needed for each service, such as toys, handcuffs, ribbons, masks and special outfits.

Clean sheets

Make sure you have clean sheets and blankets on hand, as well as a dedicated space for storing used ones. Practical storage solutions, such as decorative boxes or spaces under the bed, can be very useful for changing sheets quickly. If your main workspace is your living room, adopt a similar storage strategy, using poufs with storage or side tables with drawers.

Make a pretty decoration

For the decorative aspect, integrate these storage solutions aesthetically into your decor. If you’re offering showering facilities, provide extra towels that are easily accessible and a place to put them down after use. Preferably use liquid soap for easy cleaning. If your shower has glass doors, keep a wiping tool nearby for quick cleaning.

The aim is to maintain the illusion for each customer that he or she is the one and only. This involves careful planning and organization of your space to effectively manage everyone’s time and preferences. With the right organization and a little practice, you’ll develop habits that will enable you to manage these tasks like second nature, ensuring your customers’ satisfaction.

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