Learn all about Nuru massage

A Bangkok travel tradition

Are you familiar with Nuru massage? This erotic massage practice is popular with couples both in specialized establishments and in many homes. Here, you’ll learn how Nuru massage works and how it can not only relax but also enhance your intimacy.

Thailand is famous for its rich and varied culture, which includes a diverse massage tradition. Among these, nuru massage bangkok stands out as a particularly unique and sensual experience.

In Bangkok, Nuru massage has become popular with locals and tourists looking for an extraordinary massage experience. Massage parlors offering this service are renowned for their professionalism and their focus on customer well-being and satisfaction.

What is Nuru massage?

Nuru massage stands out as a pinnacle in the world of erotic massages, originating in Japan where the word Nuru means slippery or smooth, an allusion to the specific gel used which is extremely lubricating. Made from mineral-rich nori seaweed, this natural gel is transparent, odorless, non-sticky, adheres durably to the skin, leaving it soft and easy to clean.

This type of massage is characterized by its body-to-body aspect, involving full contact rather than limited to the hands. In this Japanese tradition, both recipient and practitioner are naked. Various parts of the body, such as the hands, abdomen, legs, feet and chest, are involved, giving this massage its profoundly erotic character.

Although Nuru massage can incorporate erotic elements or serve as a preliminary, its primary aim is to provide relaxation, stress reduction and pleasure.

A deeply erotic massage

Nuru massage is distinguished by its highly erotic character. Nude or scantily clad, it makes the most of skin-to-skin contact. It’s recommended for a memorable moment, for (re)discovering yourself or getting closer, for nurturing your relationship and expressing your value to your partner in a meaningful way.

The importance of gentleness in this massage is crucial, beginning with a mutual stripping ritual. This initial phase invites each partner to gradually remove a garment from the other, while maintaining intense eye contact, a simple but deeply symbolic gesture.

It’s customary to begin with a relaxing shower or bath before proceeding with the Nuru massage itself. It’s a good idea to prepare an area dedicated to the massage, decorated with candles and designed for comfort. Although a bed may be suitable, an inflatable mattress is preferable because of the large quantity of oil used, to avoid staining your sheets.

Preparing for a Nuru massage

Temperature: To get the most out of this erotic massage, the room should be well heated (a bedroom is ideal), with scented candles for an intimate ambience and, if desired, soft music to promote a relaxed atmosphere.

Massage oil: Choose a Nuru massage oil or the one of your choice, ideally pre-warmed in a bowl of lukewarm water.

Protection: Plan to protect your massage surface with towels to avoid oil-related discomfort.

Practical application of Nuru massage

Apply the oil generously to your body and that of your partner, both unclothed. The recipient should lie on his or her back, allowing the other to settle comfortably on top of him or her to perform the massage, gliding gently up and down, using parts of the body such as the breasts or buttocks for the massage.

To facilitate movement and erotic massage, you can lean or hold onto fixed elements, such as the headboard. Continue the massage to your heart’s content.

After the massage, it’s essential to remove the oil from the skin, ideally by showering, taking care not to slip. Be sure to dry your feet carefully to avoid slipping.

Putting Nuru massage into practice

Nuru massage emphasizes eroticism, involving not only the back but also the front of your partner’s body. Apply the massage oil generously and begin. Use your whole body to massage your partner’s body.

Vary the speed and direction of your movements, as well as the pressure, to explore different sensations. Be inventive in your approach, observing your partner’s reaction to your gestures. Intimate contact with areas such as the breasts, vulva or buttocks is often highly appreciated.

Increase the erotic intensity by deliberately avoiding intimate areas for a while, or only occasionally touching them, prolonging your partner’s anticipation and desire.

If you sense heightened arousal in your partner, you can intensify the experience with more direct caresses, promoting deeper relaxation. A Nuru massage can naturally evolve into intercourse, depending on the desire of the partners.

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