Married men and escorts from Geneva

The question of whether all wives provide satisfactory answers is complex, and the answer is not simple. This highlights a common dilemma. Marriage is supposed to be a joyful, loving union. Escorts, however, are widely sought after in this context. Why would some married men prefer the services of a professional to those of their spouse? A number of factors may explain this choice, some of which we examine here.

To try new sexual experiences

In search of new sexual experiences and fetish practices, men may turn to escorts. The typical wife may only accept a limited range of sexual activities, based on her own sexual knowledge and openness. In contrast, a fille de joie possesses expertise in sexuality and offers a wide range of services, including practices that most customers would never have considered. This diverse offering is one reason why married men may be attracted to escorts. Although not all offer the same variety of services, those who do are fully committed.

Some escorts specialize in areas such as BDSM or other extreme fetishes, offering experiences that few traditional partners would accept. They can satisfy desires ranging from foot fetishes to other more niché practices, attracting married men looking for something new.

To satisfy sexual needs they don’t have at home

What’s more, marriage can sometimes lead to a decrease in sexual activity. Especially after several years, the arrival of children, and other marital challenges. This can leave some men looking to fill an unfulfilled sexual void at home. Escorts, being open to a variety of sexual practices, meet this need for fulfillment, driving some men to frequent them regularly or occasionally to get what they can’t find in their marriage. Although this can be costly, the opportunity for satisfying sexual experiences, combined with the discretion offered, makes this an attractive option for some.

To avoid breaking up their marriage

The main motivation cited by many married men to justify their visits to escorts is the desire to keep their marriage intact. Often, extramarital affairs, including those involving other married women, are at the root of many divorces. Either because a romantic relationship develops within the adulterous duo, or because the wife discovers the infidelity. For these men seeking to avoid jeopardizing their marriage while temporarily distancing themselves, escorts represent an attractive alternative. Their advantage lies in the absolute discretion of these encounters, where no emotion is involved beyond the financial transaction.

Although a night spent with an escort technically constitutes infidelity, it is not perceived as a love affair. The anonymity and uniqueness of the act with an escort reduces the risk of emotional complications, allowing the appearance of a stable marriage to be maintained. By choosing this route, the husband can explore a sex life outside his marriage without upsetting the domestic balance. This offers each partner a form of detached contentment. Paradoxically, this can contribute to peace and stability in the home.

For the pleasure of adventure

In addition to the desire to preserve their marriage, some men seek excitement and adventure. The appeal of infidelity lies not so much in the added sexual pleasure as in the adrenalin provided by risk and secrecy. This thrill-seeking is also present in the use of escorts. For these men, the potential danger of being caught adds an exciting dimension to the experience, reinforcing the illicit and daring nature of the act. Unlike the sexual routine with their wives, the experience with an escort is unpredictable and stimulating. This makes the decision to use an escort a more attractive one for those seeking a break from monotony.

In short, the quest for discretion, the preservation of the marriage and the desire for adventure are key factors driving some married men towards professional escorts. These motivations reveal the complexity of relationship dynamics and personal choices in the face of social conventions and matrimonial expectations.

Ego boost

For men, spending time with an escort can be a rewarding experience. The idea of seducing another woman, even if it involves a financial transaction, offers a certain appeal. This is because many men have had diverse sexual experiences in their youth, which is a source of pride and self-confidence. After marriage, fidelity puts an end to these adventures, but the desire remains. When this desire becomes pressing, the option of hooking up with sex workers presents itself as a solution. Known for being expensive and efficient, they can boost a man’s ego. For those who book escorts for special occasions, having an attractive woman by their side is a boost to their self-esteem. For wealthy men, they become an additional status symbol, on a par with their luxury cars or property.

As for the companionship offered, it’s essential to understand that escorts offer much more than just sex, they offer a comforting presence. This company can encompass a variety of activities, with sex being just one option. At the heart of their profession, they aim to provide a quality moment for their customers, seeking to give them satisfaction and pleasure. For married men faced with a relationship that has become monotonous and devoid of passion, spending a few hours with an escort can prove seductive.


Like the courtesans of yesteryear, escorts have mastered the art of making men happy by their mere presence, even if it’s only for an hour. For many married men, this hour can represent a crucial moment. It can offer a stimulating conversation with an interested party, or a pleasant outing in the company of an attentive woman. It also means receiving special attention from another woman, which can have a significant impact, especially if that attention is lacking in their married life.

It’s not just men who are attracted to escorts. They offer features and benefits that make them irresistible to some. These advantages make men, including married ones, find it hard to resist the temptation of their services. Here are some of the main reasons:

Assured discretion

The ability to maintain confidentiality is a major asset of escorts. They don’t just promise discretion, they guarantee it. The profession demands that no concrete evidence of a rendezvous be revealed, and that there be no risk of embarrassing repercussions for the client afterwards. This assurance of discretion is crucial for married men who want to keep their adventures secret. The risk of being discovered or of intimate details being revealed is virtually nil, making the option all the more attractive.

Sexual expertise

The idea of sexual relations with an escort often conjures up images of passionate, exceptional experiences. They enjoy a worldwide reputation for their sexual expertise, arousing fantasies of unbridled passion. This reputation is well-founded, as many professionals invest time in perfecting their skills and continually improving. Many find pleasure in their work. This translates into a willingness to explore the deeper and sometimes unseen aspects of sexuality, which some regular partners might avoid or overlook. For married men, the assurance of an extraordinary sexual experience is a major asset they’re willing to gamble on, even at a high price.

Escorts are pretty and attractive

In prostitution, there’s an unspoken norm that escorts must be physically attractive. It’s rare to find one who doesn’t meet certain conventional beauty criteria. Most have a slim, sleek figure, reminiscent of haute couture models. What’s more, they often emphasize their appearance, some even resorting to plastic surgery to accentuate their seductiveness. The images available on sites dedicated to these services, such as, invariably show women of great beauty. This is a major selling point for married men wishing to escape a marital routine with partners who no longer meet their aesthetic criteria. This quest for beauty and sexual experience continues to motivate married men to seek out escorts.

Escort sex with no strings attached

The « no strings attached » aspect is particularly attractive to married men. This type of relationship promises total freedom, with no consequences and no regrets. Men appreciate this form of sexuality that doesn’t threaten their marriage, and expert escorts offer discretion and service without the expectation of future commitment. The transaction is clear, with no further contact expected after the service has been rendered, placing married men in a position where they can enjoy attractive sexual experiences without additional constraints.

Escorts don’t judge

What’s more, one of the major advantages of escorts is their non-judgmental attitude. Unlike some conventional interactions where advances can be rejected on the basis of physical appearance, they focus on the financial transaction and positive returns. They understand that not all men are alike and often specify their preferences on their websites. So any married man willing to pay has a chance with a high-class escort. During a meeting, a sex worker is unlikely to evaluate her client on his appearance or performance, giving the client a sense of control and self-worth. This guarantee of a pleasant, judgment-free experience is particularly appealing to married men seeking validation and those who have suffered judgments in their own relationships.

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