Prices for escort services in Lausanne

It’s quite difficult to know what to charge and to understand the type of clients you’re targeting. A supplier always needs to know his target market, and the same goes for escorts in Lausanne. That’s why they need to know the type of services they’re willing to provide. You can find out more in our article on how to become an escort in Lausanne. Everything needs to be planned in advance, as last-minute planning always ends up becoming hell for escorts and clients alike.

An escort girl can always turn down a request in advance without any worries. And if the customer doesn’t agree, she can move on to the next one. But it’s best not to let that happen. First of all, Lausanne escorts need to have a clear idea of what they’re prepared to do and what services they’re willing to offer. Otherwise consent becomes a major problem according to ethics and general guidelines.

Prices for escorts in Lausanne

Do you have to charge the same prices as other escort girls in Lausanne? Not necessarily. Each escort charges according to her region and the services she provides. But yes, prices can vary. Rates are set according to the specific demand of the Lausanne escorts, unless they work for the same person or agency. It all comes down to dependence or independence on an agency. Honestly, it’s best to work under the aegis of a Lausanne escort agency. They take care of all the work, while you only have two things to do: take care of the client and yourself. But that’s not what you should be concentrating on right now. What needs your attention is money and determining the right amount to charge Lausanne clients.

Many Lausanne escort girls start with low prices. This isn’t necessarily desirable, as you can’t sell yourself too cheaply either. Do you have large breasts? Take advantage of them. Do you like sodomy? Even better. Tell your Lausanne customer that you’ll do this service for him if he pays you extra. The price of this service can always be negotiated. But you must remember that these rules apply only to you. Only you can negotiate the price, not the customer. Don’t give them this kind of power to decide what you deserve.

Managing the price of escort services in Lausanne

If a client asks for more, you have every right to charge him more than the price originally set. If he wants less, stick to your guns and don’t lower your prices. For example, you’ve made a deal to offer a happy ending at the end of an erotic massage. But this agreement is unfortunately refused during the appointment. If the massage is done, and the client no longer wants the happy ending, that’s his problem, not yours. The price he has agreed must be paid, and you can’t let him go without charging that extra.

Clients in Lausanne can sometimes be very clever and very demanding. Especially when they see an escort with a tender and naive heart. They’ll do anything to lower the price to take full advantage. If you’re willing to do this, then make sure you charge this spontaneous request according to your prices. Never mind that money can ruin the mood of the sexual interaction, this is a business after all. Payment is extremely important and cannot be ignored in the name of getting along with a customer.

Some customers like real perversions, like golden showers, anilingus, BDSM or double penetration. Charge extra for extraordinary or out-of-the-ordinary services that involve effort and creativity. Not all Lausanne escorts offer these services. Which means that if you do, you’re already part of the inner circle. With the advantage of more customers. But be careful, this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to exploit your customers. Everyone has their own fantasies that they want to see fulfilled, but there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of their situation a little.

Talking prices between Lausanne escorts

Lausanne escort girls have the right to discuss among themselves the prices set for their clients, and in our opinion, they absolutely should. There should be a minimum amount set so that no one charges less. This in no way suggests revealing how much you earn or exactly what you charge. This only concerns the minimum price for each service. There’s nothing wrong with helping each other out, and it’s beneficial for all parties.

Setting yourself apart from other escorts in Lausanne

If you have something to set you apart from other escorts in Lausanne, this can be a real advantage for you. If, for example, you offer escort duets then you’re definitely an asset for customers. Because it’s a recognized and appreciated fantasy. That means they’ll be willing to pay more to see you with another girl. Any special and distinctive feature can bring you more money. Some men have a desire for a foot fetish and wouldn’t mind paying extra for an escort who’s willing to do it.

The characteristic you’ve always considered a flaw or been made fun of for can become your forte in this area. Who knows, you can probably make more money with it. In life, you must always turn your weaknesses into strengths. Who would have thought that life as an escort in Lausanne could be so emotionally rich? Every part of your body, what you do, how you sit, walk or talk has a price.

The tattoo you’ve given yourself for pleasure could be the reason a client chooses you. And you’ll earn extra money because of it. Or the nipple piercing that hurts so much could be the reason a certain man likes you. Fulfill your customers’ fantasies and get what you want in return.

If you still can’t figure out how to price your services, don’t panic because we’ve prepared a little solution for you. Make a list of the services you like and don’t like. Then rate them from 1 to 10. Services below 5 can of course be avoided. But if you’re brave enough to offer them anyway, keep the prices high enough to make it worth your while. For those above 5, you can include them in your average base price. Applying this method is already a good start.

Price increases for escort services in Lausanne

First of all, think for a moment about your reasons for entering the world of an escort in Lausanne. Are you doing it for pleasure? Is it a need or a desire? If you enjoy being pampered and want men to admire you, then you’re on the right track. Whatever the reason, you have the right to use it to set the price of your services.

If you have a debt to repay or some kind of temporary financial crisis, try offering kinkier services than normal. You’ll make more money from perversity because customers will be willing to pay more to indulge less conventional fantasies. Offer extraordinary services to every customer you meet. Don’t wait for them to ask, offer them yourself in subtle ways.

Once you’ve gained experience, you can gradually increase your escort prices. You don’t want them to go up spontaneously, as this could be a deterrent for a customer in Lausanne. Relax, think things through and reset the price of everything you’ve offered so far. All you need is clear thinking and guidance to know how to price your Lausanne escort service correctly.

The price should reflect the value of a Lausanne escort

We’ve known an escort in Lausanne who’s a master at giving kisses, and she charges her clients for each per-kiss. Imagine getting 50CHF just for a kiss. Discover your distinctive weapon and use it to make money. Discover your best asset and charge extra for it. But don’t offer anything for free. Even if you listen to someone all evening, you have every right to charge them more for their emotional support.

Let all the men know that you’ll give them hugs and listen to their complaints. But at the same time, you’ll be charging them more. Don’t feel guilty because, as we said before, this is a business after all. And so it goes. It all seems confusing at first. But once you’ve followed our suggestions, it won’t be so hard to understand. So take advantage of our advice, and remember to charge correctly for what you offer.

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