Six tips for choosing sexy handcuffs in Geneva

Spice up your life as a couple

Sexy bondage handcuffs come in many varieties. This allows you to find the one that best suits your type of play. You and your partner have talked about it and decided to try a naughtier way to spice up your sexual experience. You’re right, because the world of bondage can be fun, sexy, orgasmic and even a little scary. Bondage handcuffs are a great way to take the plunge.

You can easily find bondage toys to buy in specialised shops and sex shops. But if you really don’t dare to walk through the door of such shops, then you should go to the online sex shop that suits you best. A bit of Googling will do the trick.

The different sexy handcuffs to use

There are thousands of restraint options. While they all perform the basic function of depriving freedom, each does so in a slightly different way. Some may offer multiple D-rings on the wrists, others no attachment point at all. There are handcuffs made of soft, lightweight felt or steel. Perfect for everyone’s fantasy, each handcuff is unique. What works for you may be a terrible option for someone else. And vice versa.

How do you narrow down the choices and find the perfect handcuffs for you? What makes one pair better than another? We want to help you clear up your doubts. With these tips, you’ll be able to direct your bondage cuff fantasies and find the perfect cuffs that will help you satisfy your needs.

Measure your wrists and ankles

Although almost all bondage cuffs for wrists and ankles are adjustable in size, it helps to have a good idea of the size you need. Although most cuffs are adjustable, many can only fit a certain range of sizes. If you have particularly large or small limbs, your new handcuffs may not fit as well as you thought.

Tips for choosing sexy handcuffs for erotic play

Know your budget

Bondage handcuffs can range in price from 10 to several hundred euros. Quality, durability, strength, materials and brand can all affect the price of bondage cuffs. The most expensive pair will probably be the highest quality you can find. But you still need to have the budget for it.

Think about what you can spend on your pair of handcuffs and look for ones that fit your budget. Keep in mind that it may be worth saving up for a few months to buy your favourite pair of handcuffs. Of course, immediate gratification is nice. But it’s worth waiting a few months to buy the best set instead of settling for a cheaper option of perhaps lower quality.

Think about your appearance

Appearance is also important. Do you want your cuffs to match your favourite outfit? Do you have favourite colours? Do you want a complete set that matches your collar, cuffs and ankles? Whatever you have in mind, you should look for handcuffs that match your aesthetic. With the popularity of bondage exploding lately, there are more choices than ever. Don’t settle for something you don’t like.

Talk about your comfort level

Is bondage still new to you? If so, you and your partner should talk about your comfort level before choosing your BDSM toys. Velcro handcuffs are not only cheaper, but also easier to remove in an emergency. The ease of removal can also serve as a mental relaxant for those who are still very nervous about trying bondage.

Be prepared for the use you will make of them

Your handcuffs should be able to meet your bondage needs. While it is important that you like them, it is equally important that your new handcuffs work well. So before you buy them, you need to think about how you will use them. Will the wrists be subjected to a lot of stress?

Handcuffs with Velcro fasteners may break under heavy strain. Thin ones will become uncomfortable and painful if used for long periods. If you plan to put a lot of bodily fluids on your handcuffs, a pair covered with fake fur may be difficult to clean. If you want your partner to sleep in the new handcuffs from time to time, choose a very soft set that can be easily removed in an emergency.

Be creative with the attachment points

This is an article about handcuffs. But how you attach your bondage cuffs is just as important. The sensation of kinky handcuffs on the wrist can be exciting. But it can be even more demeaning and real if your submissive has to hear the clanking of heavy chains every time he moves.

Or maybe you want something versatile and adjustable, so you’ve attached bondage cuffs to an adjustable length of nylon strap. Or maybe you want to see their muscles struggle against the bonds, so you’ve attached these handcuffs to a san

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