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Advices for Striptease in Switzerland

You know it would excite your man or boyfriend, but would you dare to try it? We bet your husband would love to see you make a sensual striptease. How do you start? Do you walk into the room, put on a Beyonce ballad, and start taking off your shirt and pants while shaking your hips? What if he's laughing at you? That could potentially be quite kissable. And you wouldn't want to miss the perfect effect.

Just relax. Everything in life can be learned, even a striptease in Switzerland. Especially if you do it with love. You can do it, and we'll tell you how. Here are 12 stripping tips you'll both love.

1. Practice

Don't rely on your intuition and your mood. First try it alone in front of a mirror, trying out different moves, with music and clothes. It's about capturing the spirit of it all. A striptease is really special, don't underestimate it. It's about your individuality and personality. Learn to be sensual and work on your hip movements.

2. Dress up

Wear some cloths, but not too many. If you have a character or costume in mind, go for it. Otherwise, we suggest the classic stripper costume: a collared shirt, pencil skirt, seamed stockings, heels and hair in a bun. And underneath, sexy lingerie of course. Something that makes you feel very sexy. Like a black lace bra and panties, maybe with suspenders. Or would you dare something a little more BDSM?

3. Play a role

Pretend you are a famous Italian SM domina, or a sexy American spy. Show that you can play the role of someone a little different. Striptease and discovery go hand in hand. Seeing yourself in a new light is very exciting and will awaken feelings never felt in the past.

4. Choose the music

What are the sexiest songs you know? From this list, choose something with a slow tempo that will help you move in an enticing, sensual way. Maybe avoid the classics that everyone uses for Striptease. Deja-vu can have the opposite effect and break the moment.

5. Dim the lights

If you can, use dimmers. It's flattering, it's sexy, and it really sets the tone. If you don't have dimmers, you can use candles or indirect lighting from a table lamp or two. But don't just leave the overhead lights on full blast.

6. Tie up your man

Immobilizing the body awakens other senses, develops pleasure and increases the intensity of feelings. Tying your man to a chair is a good way to make him pine. But failing that, sit him down and tell him you're going to give him a good show. No moving or touching until you give him permission. It's much more fun that way.

7. Don't move too fast

At this point, you've set the stage well and your striptease is getting more intense. Your costume is on, you hear the beautiful music, the lights are dimmed and you are in the skin of a 60's lolita. But you have to let the charm work a little. Now you can start dancing to the music languidly. Make your man wait, even if he starts to show a little impatience.

8. Start with the top

Unbutton your shirt, top or dress. Make eye contact between you and him. Then, elegantly and sensually remove the bottoms. You can play with your clothes a little. By twirling them a little in the air. Or by throwing them wildly at him. A little animosity can be appreciated. But if you prefer sensuality, you can let your clothes slide down your body to the ground. Better to take them off standing up and not take your eyes off your partner.

9. Take off your bra

Don't take it off too quickly, but do it in a naughty way. This is the most expected moment for your man. You can slip a finger under the straps and push them one after another. Make this torture last and you will see a new excitement appear in the living room.

10. Complicated clothes

If you have complicated clothes with back closures, like a corset, you'd better turn around so your man can see it all. Show your fingers slowly undoing your hooks or laces. You can also ask him to help you. Use a hushed, enticing voice. But keep this moment brief so you don't break everything you've already started since the beginning of your striptease.

11. Touch yourself

It's time to turn up the heat a bit. This is the moment you've been waiting for. You know your hetero zones so touch them for your man to look at. Imagine what state he must be in at this moment. Everything in him becomes erotic, sensual and passionate. If you have followed our advice and he is attached, you can do whatever you want with him.

12. Take off the panties

The striptease is coming to its final stage, and you are going to remove the only piece of fabric left on you. A moment to prepare specially to savor. Take the time you need and play with your panties. Pull them down a bit, play with the edges and tease your man before pulling them back up. That's the end of the show and it's up to you what happens next. Leave the room? Do you want to start the erotic and sexual lovemaking? We leave the choice to you.