Catgirl : How to create an escort website in Geneva?

How to create an escort website in Geneva?

The look is the reflection of the soul. But the soul, it is necessary to create it. And that is the role of your personal escort website. You already know that you must create and develop your brand image as an escort in Geneva. Well now you must integrate it into your means of communication. And the most important thing is your website that will convey all the emotions and information of your image.

Why create an escort website in Geneva ?

If you want to succeed in the world of escorting in Geneva, you must have your own identity and a platform where clients can reach you easily and discreetly. For this, it is imperative that you have a website so that clients can see you, learn more about you and the services you offer.

The difference between a successful escort career and an unprofitable one usually starts with the escort's website. While other women make millions a year from hundreds of clients, others only get a handful of clients. An escort can run her business with only her calendar and phone, but these are the exceptions. Times have changed.

A good website is more than vital. Customers now browse the web before making a purchase decision. This is also true for escort bookings in Geneva. Escorts need to sell themselves well to be successful these days. A good website takes effort to design and set up. And this is where many people don't put enough effort. In this article, we will advise you and give you the basics on how to create an effective escort girl website.

There are hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet. A significant part of them are escort platforms like Catgirl. In other words, there are many sites on the internet, but even more that are similar to the one you intend to create. It is extremely difficult to stand out. The new escort girl sites that do stand out are doing quite well for their owners. What they all have in common are the following characteristics.

Choose a specialized escort site designer in Geneva

First of all, you need to hire an escort site designer who has experience in the escorting industry in Geneva. This is to meet your needs for security and privacy. Make a complete list of the elements you want to put on your site. This means planning all the information and structure of the site before you create it. This will also help you in choosing your future site developer. This is what we did for our Catgirl site, we took the time to think it through before we made it.

If you don't know what you want from your site or if you don't have a clear vision, chances are you won't like the final result. Or you may not get it right and have to live with a compromise. Decide on the personality of the site, whether you want it to have a VIP style, be flirty, funny or just sexy. Also imagine all the features and types of customers you are targeting.

Analyze several of Catgirl's competitor sites that you like and list the good points of these sites to replicate on your own site. Discuss these points with the designer of the site you choose. This will help you get the result you want. All the escort site designers in Geneva also have their own sites. Looking at their portfolios of sites they have created before will give you a good idea of their skill and design style. Discard the ones you don't like and choose the ones you think have the potential to create something you like better.

Secure your escort site in Geneva

Anonymity in the hosting and domain name registration of the site is what most Geneva escorts are looking for so that their contact information and identity is not easily accessible. Discuss these points with your developer and make sure that he or she is really experienced in this field. If yes, they will understand and take care of it before you even have to say so.

If you want to create a site like Catgirl, you need to make sure you have a good admin panel so you can add/edit content and images very easily. You need to take control of your site and be able to update it without having to ask the site designer and incur high ongoing maintenance costs.

Domain name of the Geneva escort site

Your escort site starts with a domain name. Ours is It is the identity of your site on the Internet. It is also the main identifier of your site. Just as there would be no Google without, there is no escort site without a domain name. They start with the name of your site, which you can choose yourself. They end with .ch/.com/.net/.uk or any other extension of your choice. You should choose a domain name that will be easy to remember and identify. The best domain name for a Geneva escort website is ideally one that contains your name and occupation, such as

Choose a theme for your Geneva escort website

The theme of your website is essentially the skeleton on which the body of your site is built. It is designed to accommodate the words, photos and designs that you will use on your site. It essentially defines how your site will look to visitors. To make your Geneva escort site work like our Catgirl site, you will need a good theme. A good theme is one that is easy to use for visitors to learn about you and your services. A good theme is also one that projects what you are really looking for. A good theme is usually premium, but you can start with a free theme on platforms like WordPress.

Your site should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, should have a contact form, a calendar showing your availability and hours, and your rates. Apart from these features, you should also present all the services you offer and write something about them. You can also ask a professional to do it for you in a very precise and sexy way, so that clients can browse it and get an idea of the services offered.

Design of a website for escort in Geneva

The design element always plays a major role in the performance of a site. A good and useful design not only attracts the eyes for longer. It also captivates the mind and remains memorable. An escort site is not expected to put as much effort into design as a design studio site, as creativity is limited. But that doesn't mean it has to be as bland as a random blog. Designing a website like Catgirl encompasses hundreds of things: color, image size, site pages and more.

It's essentially how the site is designed. The design of the site affects almost every other important aspect of the site. From loading speed, site navigation and link health to how the site translates on different devices. A poor design ruins all of these aspects. All the best Geneva escort sites are well designed, and that's part of what makes them stand out.

Search engine optimization of your Geneva escort website

Search engine optimization is a very legitimate and useful technique to improve the visibility of a website to Google's crawlers. The best result is to appear at the top of the search results. The worst result is to be buried under millions of websites with no hope of ever being found. So we work particularly hard on SEO on our Catgirl site.

The whole process is essentially a series of small improvements to the site. Ranging from inserting keywords into the content to optimizing the pages of the site. The best Geneva escort girl sites figured this part out a long time ago. And they always show up in the search results when customers come to browse. Without SEO, your site is bound to get lost and never be found.

Positioning your Geneva escort site

The reason why so many sites become popular, and others don't, is usually due to branding and positioning. While others target a market of people in a certain pay scale or location, others target nothing or no one at all. Branding is also key. Some escort sites like Catgirl stand out as soon as you arrive on their pages. Others are so banal that they could be mistaken for the pages of the Geneva public administration. The branding and positioning is visible in the content of the site, the color scheme and even the range of services. The best escort sites take all these aspects into account for optimal results.

Presence of the Geneva escort on her website

Personal sites are popular because they connect millions of people to a single entity or individual. They usually feature direct personal contact information. But the one thing that keeps them alive is none of that, not even the graphics and design. It is the presence of the escort on the site. The most successful escort sites are not just landing spots on the Internet. They are real business portals like Catgirl, where a client can contact an escort in Geneva and learn more about her before booking.

Color palette of your Geneva escort website

The color scheme of a site seems like the last thing to worry about, but it is an important issue. Certain colors are appropriate for certain sites and certain professions. In the escorting industry, the color theme of your site should project your personality or at least suggest the services you offer. Colors like military green are not appropriate for escort sites, but black can do the trick if the escort is very into BDSM or leather. At Catgirl, we chose matte black and gold, truly a symbol of elegance. Pink and light blue suggest a feminine personality. Most site platforms have a choice of settings that allow you to select the site color scheme of your choice during setup. You can easily change the colors afterwards.

Photos of your escort website in Geneva

Any good website should have photos. A Geneva escort site like Catgirl that wants to attract visitors and entertain them must also have great photos. The best photos are the ones that express how sexy you are and what value you will give clients for their money. You need professional photos. If you can't get them, at least edit them to make them better. But don't reveal too much about your photos. It's always best to leave them out. Some site themes only require one main photo to serve as the banner at the top of the page. Choose the best photo for this.

We'll say it again, you need to go to a professional escort photographer in Geneva who has years of experience in this industry and will take your photos exactly as the clients want them. Or, should we say, just the way that can arouse a man's desire. Catgirl can help you in your process. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Information and contact of your Geneva escort site

The purpose of your site is to get in touch with your potential clients. This means that you must provide your contact information on the site, along with your services and photos. In the past, this contact information only included a phone number and possibly an email address. Today, you must put your links from your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Customers have a very short attention span these days. So you need to put this contact information in a very visible place. If possible, they should be among the first things a potential customer sees.

Visible services on your escort website

Another aspect of your website that needs to be very visible is the services that you intend to offer. They are the reason why people visit your site in the first place. Once you have listed the services that are right for you, phrase them in an attractive way. They should preferably be listed somewhere near the top of the page, or at least not too far below. You can also put them on a special "services offered" page.

Reviews on your Geneva escort site

When people visit websites, they always need a little nudge to make a purchase. The most recommended help is the reviews and testimonials of other customers. You can find them on Catgirl. They always reassure the potential buyer on the authenticity of what he buys. Geneva escort websites also need reviews. If you have any, you need to add the best ones on the site. And when you do, you need to position them so that they are highly visible to any potential client.

Testimonials from previous customers on your site and their feedback is also a strong argument when new customers visit your site. This is essentially your storefront from which you will be able to market yourself and your services. So develop a testimonials section or integrate them into your blog.

Define Geneva escort rates

Now it's time to determine your Geneva escort rates. Ideally, you should have already set them. If not, the sweet spot is between too expensive and not too cheap. The best way to know where exactly? Look at the services you offer and the rates charged by other escorts in Geneva. Don't get confused. When you have finally determined the rates, add them on the website in a neat way. They should be large enough to be seen and placed right next to the services, in a highly visible part of the site.

The blog of your escort site

Most site themes have a built-in blog that allows you to write short blog posts for your readers. Catgirl has a nice one by the way. If your theme has one, make good use of it. You may not think a blog is a cool thing for an escort to do. But in the vein of marketing your services, it's a smart strategy. Your blog posts can show up in search engine results, which boosts your site's marketing.

Advertising your escort site in Geneva

The last tip is essentially a marketing tip. After creating your site, start promoting it on the internet by creating additional escort profiles on various online escort platforms like Catgirl. These profiles should link back to your site. Also, create ads for your site and place them on erotic sites and live cam sites. These platforms tend to generate good traffic for escort sites in Geneva. Make sure the links to your site are always active so you don't miss out on traffic.

Finalize your Geneva escort website

If all of these tips and ideas seem a little too technical, you might want to consider hiring professional web design services. These help you create and build your website from scratch. And incorporating the best technical details for your money. Just like we did with our Catgirl website. If you don’t know how to do it, we can do it for you.

Good customer service is always appreciated and remembered. The adventure begins with a personal escort site in Geneva. So make sure you have one and as you gain experience in this world, improve your site regularly. And consider creating a members-only area.

It is not a stretch to imagine that websites can play a major role in the success of a Geneva escort business. Some of the most popular escorts do indeed operate without a site, but it is also true that the most popular escort agencies operate very popular sites. Creating an escort website is only one task. Making it a success is another.

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