Catgirl : The best photos for an escort profile in Geneva

The best photos for an escort profile in Geneva

Photos capture a look, a character, and an emotion. They must reflect your brand image as an escort and catch the eye of a future client on Catgirl. They should be able to understand your standing and what you are willing to offer. Why they should choose you over someone else. And all this in five seconds. We have already advised you on how to create the best escort profile in Geneva, now we explain how to take your profile pictures.

Hire a photographer for escort in Geneva

This tip may not be the cheapest, but it is the one that will give you the best results if you are looking for a quality escort profile on Catgirl. You should not only hire a professional photographer, but also a makeup artist and a hairdresser. And if you're feeling particularly spendy, you can also hire a stylist and a modeling coach. That said, the first two are usually what you need first and are usually sufficient. They will help you prepare your shooting well in advance because you need to think of everything and have a military organization.

Hiring a professional escort photographer in Geneva is the assurance that you will not forget any of the planning tasks or any other aspect related to the realization of your photos. Yes, this requires a significant cost. But you need to invest in your brand if you want to stand out from the crowd. Remember that the competition is tough and ruthless. You can easily get the best photos of yourself with a professional who is used to handling poses that will show you off in the most beautiful way.

Think about it the same way you think about the escort services you offer on Catgirl. There is a reason why these professionals are so expensive. If you want to save money, you can look for photography groups online and hire a novice photographer. But usually, they're just looking to expand their portfolio into a showcase on their own website. You risk missing your shooting completely. Your photos won't have the right angles, the right lights and chances are that this beginner won't master the retouching either.

Manage your own escort profile photos in Geneva

Use the right equipment for your escort photos

If you decide to take your own photos or have a friend doing it, you'll need the right equipment. With the recent smartphones and the quality of their cameras, you can take good quality photos. But using a professional level camera doesn't cost that much these days. And it will give you more options for much better artistic results. It is also more convenient to use. You can operate the camera with a remote control, use a timer and use a tripod to stabilize the image.

Choosing the right light for your escort photos

You can also ask a friend to come and help you take your pictures. He will become your personal amateur photographer. Once you understand how your camera works, you'll need to make sure you have plenty of light. Especially if you're not in a place where natural light is abundant. You should also invest in a reflector to illuminate all the angles you'll need.

A gold reflector is your best option because it mimics the effects of the sun at the magic hour. The one that is just after sunrise and just before sunset, where the light is warmest. It will also give a nice natural glow to give you a sexy and accessible escort look on Catgirl. You can also bring a tripod for the camera or phone. In case you need a stand for long exposures. Be careful that it doesn't shake from the pressure of the equipment for an extended period of time. You should have a stand for your lights and even for the reflector if you are alone.

Choosing clothes before your escort shoot

You need to think about what you will wear during the shooting. Plan several looks and outfits to achieve them, especially if you are shooting with a professional escort photographer. You still don't want to do a second shoot because you forgot an outfit. If you would like to have more than one look, please let the photographer know so they can quote you the right price for the right time frame. The same goes for makeup artists, hair stylists and stylists, of course. If you are taking the photos yourself or with a friend, it's a little less important because you can always do a second shoot or change your look at some point. Remember, lingerie is an absolute necessity for an escort photo shoot in Geneva.

What clothes to use for your escort shoot in Geneva

You will need at least one classic outfit for your escort shooting: black or red lace, maybe white for a virginal look and preferably a second, less classic and more fun outfit. Think bright pink or something sporty, choose something that reflects your personality. Next, you'll want to consider what your services include in your escort profile on Catgirl. Like uniforms or latex outfits. If you have these, bring them to the photo shoot. It's better to have outfits that you won't use than to not do any photos and regret it later. Next, you can opt for sexy outfits. Like butt shorts or a nice, classy, sexy dress that will show what clients can expect from you at a dinner or nightclub.

Don't forget to bring shoes. Quite a few clients have a foot fetish on Catgirl or love high heels. Choose heels that are high quality and show your toes to give a glimpse of your feet. Consider matching heels to the clothes you'll be wearing, even lingerie, and take photos with and without heels.

Choose the location for your escort photo shoot in Geneva

A location is chosen based on the escort services you offer on Catgirl. Do you offer home visits? Do you offer out of town visits? Do you offer both? Your shooting locations should take this into account. In-home photos are easier to shoot because you don't need to find a location. But it can quickly become tricky if you can't get the right light, the right windows, the right furniture. And if the background is too cluttered of course.

Hotel photos require more planning and room rental. This means extra costs, but they usually turn out great. Check out hotels online to see which ones are available near you. Look for a hotel with a very large bed. If possible, all white with sleek decor and a nice bathroom. It's always classy to take pictures in the bathtub or in a glass walk-in shower. A hotel with large windows can be a great option for escort photos on Catgirl. You can pose in front of these windows or use them as a natural light source. What you are looking for in terms of results will influence the choice of hotel. You should only target 5-star hotels. But if your budget is tight, you may want to consider 4-star hotels.

If you are working with a professional escort photographer in Geneva, he or she probably has a studio that you can use. Don't hesitate to ask him to arrange for some high-end escort photos. The atmosphere of a studio will make your escort profile pictures more glamorous and professional. It is the place where the photographer masters the poses and the light the best. He will be able to create special settings for you. If he is creative, you will have photos that look like nobody else but you. An escort profile on Catgirl should have a mix of studio and outdoor photos.

Play with the light in your escort photos

If you are not used to taking escort photos in Geneva, you will have a hard time finding the right light yourself. A professional escort photographer can be a great help in orienting your face and body in the best possible way to catch the light. If you were to do this alone, then practice ahead of time. You can practice as much as you want because with digital, there is no waste of film.

Take test shots and see how you look with the light in several locations. And move around as needed until you get the right lighting. With natural light, let it flow and make sure you don't squint in your photos. And everything should turn out fine. Having a lighting assistant is obviously a better idea, as he can move the lights around while you work on your angles and poses. 

When taking your escort photos for your Catgirl profile, don't be afraid to experiment with the lights from all angles. You can take as many photos as you like and only use the best ones. If you really can't, maybe you could take a lighting class to improve.

A good way to get experience without spending a fortune is to go online. Look for tutorial videos and see how others do it. Try to replicate the light from professional photo shoots and position yourself accordingly. Then compare. If you are shooting with your phone, let it automatically set the aperture, iso and shutter speed. Phones have come a long way in this area and are great assistants for your escort photos. If you are using a camera and are unsure, go for the automatic mode. It's a time saver and you choose the poses of your escort photos

Choose the poses for your escort photos

The poses have nothing to do with the poses you usually do with your girlfriends. You must look sexy and seductive. But do not give the impression that you are doing too much. The key to good posing is to have fun and be in a good mood. Put on some sexy music and practice in front of a mirror. Do some research and see what other girls are doing on their Geneva catgirl escort profiles. Fashion magazines can also be a good inspiration, especially advertisements. Look at more glamorous and less glamorous pictures. Compare their poses. See what you like and practice it. Here are some tips on how to get great escort photos every time:

1. Wear high heels because they make your buttocks stand out and tend to push your breasts forward.

2. Make your buttocks stand out even without shoes. Your curves will be highlighted and it will give a little sexy side. You don't need to have exaggerated curves to show them off.

3. Stand up straight with your breasts out, showing that you are confident. Even if you're not sure, pretend, it's just a picture.

4. Whenever you can, point your toes forward. This gives your foot a nice arch and extends the line of your legs, making them look very long.

5. Cross your legs at the ankles when sitting with your knees together. If your legs are apart, place your palms on the surface you are sitting on, between your legs. This makes your arms look longer. And it makes the back of your arms look more toned.

6. You may not have a belly but tuck it in just a little. You don't want to look like you do, but you want it to look toned.

7. Have sexy thoughts. This isn't as easy as you think. There are a ton of technicalities to remember. But think sexy and it may translate naturally to your face and body language. You will look much more attractive in your escort photos.

8. But most of all, have fun. It's easy and it shows on the photos.

Take care of the retouching of your escort photos

On a raw photo, we obviously see all the imperfections of your skin, your tattoos and other unsightly points. You can't publish escort photos on Catgirl without retouching them. Normally, a professional escort photographer in Geneva should be able to do good photo retouching. Everyone has its own style. It may be that you don't like it. In that case, have someone else do the retouching. This is the final touch for the photos that will be on your Catgirl profile. The one that can make the difference. The one that can convince a future client to choose you. But above all, the retouching will allow to show the universe and the brand image of the escort that you want to be.

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