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What is a VIP Profil?

VIP profile and privacy

Some profiles are not public and require you to become a site member to view them. We can do it at the request of girls who want an extra degree of privacy and discretion. But for this, you must meet certain criteria that we have established because a VIP profile loses visibility and consequently fewer potential clients at the end. We study all requests on a case by case basis.

VIP profile and protection

A VIP profile does not have unique characteristics. You will find VIP Escorts, VIP erotic Masseuses or VIP Camgirls. But not only. Some profiles may be out of the ordinary, unusual or a little too pornographic for some eyes. Others could have a message that could be misinterpreted by our visitors. For these reasons, we reserve ourselves the right to put such profiles in VIP mode. Everyone has the right to do what he wants as long as the Swiss laws are respected. And you will never find any illegal activity on our site. But we want to protect as much as possible the girls who ask for it.

VIP profile and Catgirl

To have a VIP profile, you must create your Catgirl account normally on our site. Before you decide to manually put your profile online, you should write to us at [email protected] and explain why you want to have a VIP account. If we feel that our criteria are met, then we will activate the VIP feature ourselves. You should think carefully before writing to us because a VIP profile will not have full visibility on our site.

VIP Profile and Member

To have access to VIP profiles, nothing could be easier. Just create a member account on our site. The account is free and we will never reveal the information you put there. You just need a valid email to create it.