What is a Party Escort in Geneva?

Types of escorts in Geneva

When it comes to sex workers, there are many types to consider. Call girls, prostitutes and escorts are some of the most common types. If you want to find the right escort in Geneva, you’re going to have to do a bit of work. In the world of escorts, however, there’s not much variety to consider. Instead, they’re distinguished by the rates they charge or by their specialty. Depending on rates, there are very expensive high-end escorts and less expensive high-end escorts. The difference between the two levels can be as little as a few hundred francs. As far as specialties are concerned, there are many more to choose from. One such specialty is the party escort.

Geneva party escorts are a small sub-group of luxury escorts who work primarily as escorts and party girls. They offer all the services of a luxury escort, but the emphasis is generally on parties. They are usually employed as escorts by private individuals for events such as birthday parties or society soirees. By agencies, it’s for large parties like corporate events.

The difference between a GFE escort and a pornstar escort

You’ll need to ask yourself what kind of escort you’d like to meet and how you’re going to behave with her. If you’re shy, romantic and mannered, you’ll prefer a gentle experience. But, on the contrary, if you prefer hard sex and kinky experiences, you’ll have to go for an escort who can cash in on your power. That’s why we’ll explain the difference between a girlfriend escort and a pornstar escort so you can make the right choice.

An outcall date with an escort in Geneva

Are you used to meeting an escort at her place of work? Or do you prefer her to come to your home or hotel? Before making a reservation, you need to know how an outcall meeting with an escort in a Geneva hotel works. We’ll give you a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Booking an escort for an entire night

Most men hire an escort for a few hours. But some would like to push the experience and take on an escort for the whole night in Geneva. This is the most intimate appointment because you sleep in the same bed and wake up with her the next day. If you’re interested in this experience, we’ve got a few tips you can follow to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible until the wee hours of the morning.

How to find the best evening escorts in Geneva?

Use an escort agency

The best option for anyone looking to get the best evening escorts is to use an escort agency in Geneva. Not only will you not have to search for every escort on your own, but you’ll only get the type of girls you want.

Use personal recommendations

As a party planner, you need to have contacts you can use to discover willing escorts. Personal recommendations are useful because they allow you to get the best and relieve you of responsibility if you receive a recommendation that isn’t very good. It saves you from doing all the research necessary to identify the right escorts for the evening.

Search the Internet for escorts for a party in Geneva

The third option is to scour the internet for escort sites like Catgirl. Many escorts have their own websites in Geneva. They contain up-to-date contact information should you require their services. Other Party escorts post their profiles on erotic ad sites like Catgirl. These profiles also contain contact information that you can use. If you live in a large city in Switzerland, chances are you’ll quickly find several group escorts nearby. If you only find one, she can always suggest others she knows.

How to get the most out of party escorts in Geneva?

Treat your party escort like a queen

If you hire an escort to accompany you to your party in Geneva, the best way to have fun with her is to treat her with respect. Treat her like a beautiful lady you’d like to have to yourself every day. Not as a vulgar human being you can easily get rid of. Protect her at all costs and have fun with her. Compliment her. Introduce her to the other guests if she agrees. Get her a drink. Be affectionate. Be the ultimate gentleman. Be casual and have fun too, because she came to have fun.

Don’t force her to use drugs. You’ve paid for her company, so don’t bother her. And when you’re ready, initiate sex appropriately. She expects you to do it, so don’t worry. Don’t force her to have sex if you don’t agree. Don’t force her to perform sexual acts she hasn’t agreed to. Finally, take into account the length of time she spends with you.

Party escorts for guests in Geneva

When selecting party escorts for the party you’re hosting in Geneva, it’s imperative that you choose unique girls to create a perfectly blended final batch. You don’t want to hire only blondes unless that’s what the party guests strictly need. Try mixing them with brunettes and redheads, in equal parts. Science says they have different personalities, so why not give them a try?

You can also opt for a broader offering that includes black, brown and white-skinned escorts. None are too hard to find on Catgirl. To get a clear idea, ask your guests what they prefer. Thin models only? Thick girls? A special variety? If they’re looking for variety, add Russian, Indian, British models and dark-skinned girls to your list. There’s something for everyone.

Always check reviews of party escorts in Geneva

When hiring party escorts for a party in Geneva, one of the most important things you can do is check their reviews. If you want to get the best out of the girls you hire, you need to know who they are behind the name, photo and profile on their Catgirl ad. Only reviews can tell you, provided you can recognize the genuine ones. When reading reviews, look for notes on their personality, sexual skills, ability to host a party and personal energy.

Also check whether or not previous customers have been satisfied with their work. If you find that one of the girls has been the subject of unpleasant criticism, particularly regarding her work at parties, don’t hire her. Party escorts are too expensive for you to waste money on. Look for girls who are known for adding color to parties, for being sexually open-minded and easy to talk to. These are the girls who make a party work.

Make sure you get experienced girls

The best party escorts for a Geneva party are those with a good deal of experience of Geneva parties. Experienced girls know how to behave at a party and what to expect. They know what to do, when to do it and why. If the party is to be attended by important people with high expectations, it’s in your interest to hire experienced party escorts to set the scene. For many party planners, there’s no need to question an escort’s experience. The assumption is that if she’s a party escort, she’s experienced in the field.

But as in the world of Geneva escorts, there are levels among party escorts, depending on experience. At the very top, experienced party escorts reign supreme. They’ve been to dozens of parties and learned a lot. At the very bottom of the scale are the novices, who are likely to be first-timers or have never done one before. Novices are usually students looking for an additional source of income, and are likely to be scared off by the event.

Besides, no one hires a party escort to make trouble. So how do you find experienced girls and weed out the novices? You can start by reading online reviews of Catgirl profiles and getting recommendations from other party planners and escort agencies. When you find a list of experienced girls, choose those with specific skills that will be useful to you at the party.

Be clear about what you expect from a party escort in Geneva

Party escorts always do the right thing, at least that’s the idea customers have of them. But they’re not celestial beings who know in advance what their customers want. They succeed only because they do exactly what the customer wants. And they only know what the customer wants because they ask about it. When you hire your Party escorts in Geneva on Catgirl, you have to tell them what you want from them and what you want them to do. That’s the only way to get the best out of them.

Make it clear if you only need them for the party, after which they’re free to leave. If you need them to provide additional sexual services after the party, make this clear in your service request messages. If you’re allowing them to leave with guests, specify that too. If the party requires extra energy from the party escorts themselves, let them know in advance so they can prepare in the best possible way.

Be clear about the type of party to be organized

There’s no need to be vague about the type of party, unless it’s necessary. Evening escorts with a little experience know what to expect in the various forms of Geneva parties, and none of them are a challenge. Some party organizers try to conceal the nature of the event to ensure that party escorts won’t cancel. But this is a way of undermining the escort’s abilities and choices. Make it clear whether it’s a home party, pool party or corporate party so the party escort can plan better.

It can be an outdoor party or an orgy. Festive party escorts take part in all kinds of parties. So a fetish sex party won’t seem daunting to them. You should also specify where the party will take place and whether the party escort will need any additional documentation to gain access. In addition, she needs to be informed of the real purpose of the party if she is to play her part. Not all company parties are holiday parties, and not all house parties are really about weed, drugs and alcohol.

Offer your party escorts transportation in Geneva

This shouldn’t be a problem, but many party organizers forget to offer transportation to party escorts, while others simply don’t think about it. High-class escorts in Geneva deserve high-class treatment. Unless they make it clear that they have personal transportation, it’s the right thing to do for people you’re paying considerable sums of money to have at your party. In a way, it’s the only sensible alternative to what is usually expected of a client who has booked an escort, such as an outing or dinner. It’s simply a matter of giving her the respect she deserves. What’s more, if you mistreat a party escort once, you can expect her to be ostracized by her peers all over town.

Treat your Geneva party escorts well from the moment they arrive

If you really want to get the best out of your party escorts, you need to treat them well throughout the evening. They expect special treatment. Treating them right isn’t that difficult. It’s all about showing them the respect they deserve and making your job as party planner easier.

That means making sure they’re rescued in good time from unwanted, suggestive and predatory guests, that they’re given everything they need to perform their duties, and that they’re protected from any accidents or danger while they’re in your employ. It’s also your responsibility to make sure the party is as much fun as you promised.


Evening escorts are fun and full of life who primarily serve as escorts for parties, in addition to any other services the client may request. You can always use an evening escort if you need a date for an event that is guaranteed to be fun, but also offers additional services after the event. It shouldn’t be hard to find one if you search hard on the internet and take advantage of escort agencies. As mentioned above, they’re worth booking, but you need to place your bets correctly by booking escorts who are worth the money you spend on them.

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