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Discover the perfect Yoni massage in Luzern

We’ve all heard of a happy ending massage and an erotic massage, but now Yoni massage (aka massages for your vulva and vagina) are fast becoming 'A Thing'. And despite what many people think, they’re not actually designed to make you orgasm (although some people do orgasm).

According to some experts and professional escort masseuses in Luzern, the Yoni massage practice is all about explorative touch. It's meant to release tension, which they claim can increase vaginal sensitivity, reduce anxiety and even heal past trauma.

What is a Yoni massage in Luzern?

Incase you were wondering, Yoni is Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, for vulva and literally means “sacred portal.” Despite common misconceptions, the intention of Yoni massage is not to make you orgasm.

The sole purpose of a sexual massage is to climax. But Yoni massage is so much more than just carnal stimulation. Of course, an orgasm may happen spontaneously, but a genuine Yoni massage doesn’t intend to ‘satisfy’ you right now, but to help you become more satisfied with your sex life in the long run. But escorts masseuses know perfectly well how to drive you to orgasm. If the goal is sexual for you of course.

What’s the benefit of a Yoni massage in Luzern?

The massage itself, given by an experienced escort masseuse in Luzern has roots in Tantric sexual technique and uses a special touch inside the vagina which aims to release tension and develop feeling in that area, leading to a better sex life and even improved emotional wellbeing. While most of the people feel some sort of anxiety, numbness, or pain during sex, and are hoping to explore and develop their sexual experience, Yoni massage does also have the power to heal past sexual trauma.

Who should get a yoni massage in Luzern?

Anyone who wants to have pleasure with their vagina is welcome to explore Yoni massage. The purpose of this experience is for people to discover new areas of pleasure. And escorts masseuses can show you great new level of it.

Yoni massage can also be beneficial to people with pelvic pain. The pelvis can contain a huge amount of tension even from how we sit and stand. The massage doesn't need to be internal. Massaging the thighs and the vulvar tissue can provide relief as well. The escorts masseuses in Luzern can also perform that.

The goal is to bring on some myofascial release and eventually, pain relief from releasing some of that tissue. Even just lightly placing one finger on a spot, before you even get to massage, can release tension.

The practice can also be a form of healing for trauma survivors, especially if they have scar tissue in the genital area. That same myofascial work may help release some of the pain stored in the body, and this may be coupled by some emotional relief, if the body feels safe enough. If this is of interest for you, you should call your escort masseuse in Luzern beforehand to be sure she performs that point.

How Yoni massage works in Luzern

The massage itself includes touching, deep breathing, and potentially (if consent is given) finger penetration by the escort masseuse. Each practitioner will be different in the way they carry out Yoni massage in Luzern, with most starting with a full body massage, which then leads onto the vagina when the client is relaxed and ready.