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What is a shemale?

If you've ever heard the word and used it without thinking, you probably don't know what shemale really means. Some think it's a derogatory term and others argue that semantics is ultimately just semantics. However, before you say the word on a whim, you must first know its origin so you can make a sensible decision about whether or not to use it.

The origin of the term

It is a play on words between "She" and "Male". Its long form can also be read as "She is Male". It is a term to describe trans women or other people with male genitalia and female secondary sex characteristics. Usually including breasts from breast augmentation or the use of hormones. The term shemale has been used since the mid-19th century when it was a humorous colloquialism for a woman, especially an aggressive woman.

They are women and they live full time as women, so you can ask them out as you would cisgender women (women born by birth). Most of these people have not transitioned and cannot understand transgender people. Some are entitled and some are just out to exploit them. Also, some simply do not know the correct word to address transgender women.

The use of the word shemale

Using the term shemale for a transgender or transsexual woman can imply that she is working in the sex trade. Some people find the term shemale offensive, mocking, or showing disrespect for transgender people. While some people in the transgender community oppose the term, others support its use and believe that the stigma comes from activists who see transgender pornography as harmful to the community.

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Main difference between a Tranny and a Shemale

Tranny and shemale are two slang words used to refer to transgender people. However, both words are considered offensive and derogatory by many people. The main difference between tranny and shemale is the way they are used. While tranny is used to refer to transvestites or transsexuals in general, shemale is generally used for transwomen or male-to-female transsexuals. While this article describes the meaning and uses of these terms for clarification, keep in mind to never use these terms to refer to a transsexual or transgender person, as they are derogatory terms.

Difference between a Ladyboy and a Shemale

Ladyboy and shemale are two terms that have similar meanings. Both are politically incorrect terms for transgender women. Although their meanings are similar, there is a difference between ladyboy and shemale based on their usage. The word shemale is generally used to refer to transgender women in prostitution or the porn industry, while ladyboy is a word that specifically refers to transgender women in Far Eastern countries such as Thailand. This is the main difference between ladyboy and shemale.


What is a lady boy?

The term ladyboy refers to a transgender person, including a woman or a gay man with an effeminate appearance. Indeed, it is important to understand the difference between these terms. A ladyboy presents a particular appearance, making use of a physiognomy contrary to his natural character.


To this end, he dresses like a woman. In addition, he uses medical treatments to have a feminine appearance. He can, among other things, implant mammary glands and inject silicone. There are many dating sites dedicated and specialized for the LGBTQ community, to find the love that will fulfill you.

What is a Shemale?

Shemale derives from the terms "she" and "male" which refer to a transgender person. It is usually attributed to a man who has undergone feminizing hormone therapy resulting in:

  • Breast development,
  • A reduction of his muscle mass
  • A redistribution of his fat.

This usually involves the removal of all male hair, without undergoing surgery for the transformation of the reproductive system. However, some people do undergo a medical operation that results in a sex change.

What is a transsexual?

A transsexual is a person who is uncomfortable with their original sexuality. He or she identifies with the opposite sex and has a lifelong desire to migrate to it with medical assistance. This results in sex reassignment therapy, which usually leads to genital transformation surgery.

In addition, there is confusion between a transsexual person and a transgender person. The difference is that the transsexual, without changing sex, adopts an appearance opposite to his or her gender. On the other hand, the other one modifies his body and his genitals.

What is a transvestite?

A transvestite adopts behaviors, even sexual behaviors, that are the opposite of his or her birth sex. They wear accessories and other clothing that are generally attributed to the opposite sex. This is done in order to voluntarily look like a man or a woman.

This phenomenon is observed in both sexes, but it is commonly observed in men. The latter are most often considered as heterosexuals. However, the transvestite can modify his appearance for fun without affecting his sexual orientation.