Catgirl : Information to avoid on an escort profile in Geneva

Information to avoid in an escort profile in Geneva

For an escort in Geneva, having her profile online is essential to find new clients. You must therefore learn how to create a profile of escort in Geneva correctly. And of course know what to put and what not to put on your Catgirl profile. You should also learn how to advertise yourself and put the right information on your escort profile. But be careful, you should always know if this information could be dangerous or impact your personal life.

Men looking for escorts in Geneva consult statistics and other basic information on many profiles to find an escort girl that is right for them. For this, it is important to include all the most basic information: height, weight, hair color, city. Beyond that, there are quite a few things that escorts should avoid on their Catgirl profiles. So we've compiled a list of elements that an escort should not mention on her profile.

The name of the escort in Geneva

This is a fundamental element. And we can't stress this point enough. Many escorts in Geneva use a pseudonym. However, others do not hesitate to use their real name in their profile. Never do this. It is always important to keep these things secret. At least until you meet a trusted client. You must protect your own privacy at all costs. A unique first name is easy to search and link to things like a job, address, or profile on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok. You'd be surprised what can be found on Google from a simple first or last name. That's why never mention it in your Catgirl profile for your own safety. It is always nice to know that you are safe in all your interactions with clients.

The address of the escort in Geneva

Whether you do incalls or not, do not leave your full address on your profile. You may invite clients to your home later, yes. But putting your full address on your Catgirl escort profile to welcome unwanted intruders into your space, no. There are ways to indicate where you are in the city without putting your full and exact address. Add the neighborhood you live or work to guide clients to your location. If you work for an escort agency in Geneva, you can of course put the agency's address.

In any case, only reveal your full address in Geneva when a client has confirmed an appointment with you. And that you are able to confirm their identity or other verifications of this nature. This is a much safer option than putting your full address on any platform. And not just on one escort profile site like Catgirl. This goes for all internet platforms.

The email address of the escort in Geneva

While it is important that clients can contact you, you don't have to post your personal email address on your Catgirl profile to do so. Many Geneva escort booking sites have an internal messaging system or a system that hides your email address. It's still up to you how you want to communicate. Even then, you don't have to use your personal email address to do this. Most Geneva escorts create a whole new dedicated email address to do their work. This allows them to separate all of the mailboxes they use with their family, friends and others. Sometimes it's important to create this kind of differentiation for yourself.

Keeping your email address private will protect you. There is so much information that can be gleaned from a simple email address that can connect you to all sorts of places and spaces. And we're not even mentioning email hacks. If hacked, the hacker will know everything about your personal life. So it's important to keep all this in mind the next time you create a Catgirl profile. Plan for this kind of thing in advance.

The phone of the escort in Geneva

Posting your personal number on a Geneva escort girl site is something you should probably never do. It is best to keep this kind of thing secret and exclude it from your Catgirl’s profile. The most important reason is simply the nuisance of clients who think this is the appropriate way to book with you. You will probably be inundated with requests like this. And all because you put your personal phone number. This may seem like a good idea at first, but it will quickly become hell. You have a public life as an escort but be sure to protect your privacy.

Just as you have another email address, it's best to have a separate phone number. You should keep your professional phone number separated from the one you use with your family and friends. More than anything else, a phone number can easily be linked to a particular person. And putting it on your Catgirl escort profile can mean that it will be found by people you don't want to be found. These are just things to consider, but trust us, don't do it.

Social networks of Geneva escorts

These days, almost everyone has a presence on social media. That doesn't mean that your personal Instagram page must have a place on your Catgirl profile. In reality, it all depends on how you use your social media. It can be a way to get more customers or a place for your friends and family to check in on you. Either way, it's best to leave it off your Catgirl profile unless it's dedicated to your Geneva escort business. At worst, you may be able to tell your clients about it after a few meetings. But even that may be worth keeping a secret about such a public place.

You might also consider making your social media pages private. Google makes it easy to link a profile to another type of page or platform on the internet. So it's entirely possible that a client or anyone else could find you on social media with a little digging. Even if they do, staying in private mode gives you the power to decide who can see the content you post on social media. Also consider creating an account strictly for family and friends, rather than one for public use. A private account and an account for your escort business shouldn't be that difficult to manage separately.

The professional workplace of the escort in Geneva

If being an escort in Geneva is one of the occasional activities you do as part of your job, you may not want people at your other jobs to know about it. While it can make for an interesting conversation topic before a romp, it's best not to mention this sort of thing on your Catgirl profile. Think of it like any social media platform. Thinking about the kinds of things your other employer may or may not be associated with. Most workplaces probably would not accept this kind of situation. But if not, you may have your own reasons for wanting to separate them.


Escorting in Geneva can already be tiring, and you may not want that energy to spill over into other types of work you might be doing. To avoid this kind of overlap, your best option is to separate them completely. And you won't have to worry about such a connection. A Google search and your mention of your other job on your Catgirl profile will simply appear. To avoid this kind of thing, don't mention it on your profile and you'll be fine.

The private car of the escort in Geneva

Yes, we have already seen this situation on Catgirl. Displaying your car, and especially your license plate, can put you in danger. You never know who might want to steal your car. It is always important to think about safety first on your Catgirl profile. And, in addition, to think about what types of information are not really necessary. Why would you need to post your car in the photos? This is not essential information to help a man choose an escort in Geneva. Therefore, it is certainly information that you can leave out. It is always important to think about the value of the information you put online. Adding information about your private car is not important. Not to mention, of course, the security issues. This is especially the case if you have a brightly colored car or a very recognizable car. It will be easy to spot in no time, which could put you directly in danger in your city in Geneva.

The age of the Geneva escort

They say that you should never ask a woman her real age. Here, the same rules apply. Some Geneva escort girls will tend to put a lower age to make themselves look younger. Others, on the contrary, will put a higher age because they feel more like women than little girls. In any case, it is always best not to put your real age on your Catgirl profile so that no one can find out and link it to other platforms. Like a lot of other information you can put on an escort profile, some things are very easy to find on Google. And age is enough of an event to make a connection. To avoid this, make sure that your escort profile does not contain this kind of information.

You would be much more likely to have more success if you look younger than you are. This makes it much easier to indicate a lower age than your actual age if you look ypinger. Like many of the other tips on this list, this not only keeps you relatively anonymous, but since many men are attracted to younger women, it also keeps you sexier in the escort market. It works much better if you actually look younger in real life and in person. Even if it means that you simply have a youthful spirit.

Keep your escort life private in Geneva

The most important thing to consider before putting this type of information is the fact that online information is very difficult to delete. You may come to a point in your life where you no longer want to be an escort in Geneva. But if any of your real and personal information is on one of these profiles like Catgirl, it can be hard to leave it behind. Whether it's your real name, your personal email address or even your address, most of this information remains linked and searchable forever. In addition to creating an alias or screen name for yourself, consider creating a specific email address for this type of work, as well as another phone number that you will only use for your Geneva escort business.

All of these things will help you remain anonymous later on if you ever want to give up your escort business in Geneva. You may want to continue, but by moving to a new city or adopting a new name. All these things will be much easier to do if you never put your real personal information on an escort profile.

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