Shooting with a Pornstar

Shooting with a Pornstar

Important: the Pornstar experience is currently suspended because of the Covid-19.

You like to watch porn stars in action? If so, you're obviously not the only ones. And if Catgirl helped you meet them, would you be tempted to shoot a scene with one of them?

If you think this is an unattainable dream, then we make it come true. And if you still have doubts, you can learn more by reading this article: The Pornstar Experience.

Whether you are a man or a woman, we assure you that you will have the best time of your life and the chance to live that dream. So don't wait any longer, choose the star you like and live your fantasy to the fullest.

Lucette Nice
PornStar Hungary 22 years old

Shooting procedure with a Pornstar

Before choosing your star and booking a scene, you need to know the procedure of the event:

  1. You look at the profiles of the stars, see if they accept men and/or women and what they agree to do during the scene.
  2. You book your star, alone or with a friend, for a threesome scene. From that moment on, we accompany you through the procedure until the end of the shooting.
  3. You decide whether you want to shoot the scene showing your face or not.
  4. You do the medical test 1 week before shooting.
  5. You shoot the scene, a professional cameraman films. Enjoy every moment.
  6. You decide what to do with the video. Post it on Pornhub, keep it secret or show it only to your friends? It's your choice, it's yours.

Before choosing your star and booking a scene, you also need to read the conditions to book a scene.