How to prepare a photo shoot for escort girl?

You have decided to be an escort in Geneva or in Zürich? Congratulations! For many of you, this job can be incredibly fun and rewarding, whether as a main occupation or as a part-time business. You can travel to beautiful places, meet really interesting and accomplished people, be generously pampered, gain greater self-confidence or learn business management skills. All of this while setting aside some money for future days or, for the more provident, in a retirement savings plan.

escort girl Geneva photshoot
Photos for swiss escort directories are a must

Being an escort is a full-time work

The industry media tend to define escorting either as a horrible and dangerous profession that exists exclusively in the shabby underbelly of society, or as a glamorous amusement where one only plays for fun with a side of « Chanel bags and diamond necklaces ».  Both representations are far from being realistic. For most of you, being an escort in Switzerland is a true and complete job, but it involves real work. If you want more details you can read our article on how to become an escort in Switzerland.

But let’s come back to our subject. A photo shoot is one of the very first things a new escort has to do when she enters the Swiss escort business. Incidentally, she should update her photos at least twice a year, but ideally it is more like once or several times a quarter. It’s kind of a lot of photoshoots no? Other companies have advertising agencies, creatives, stylists, hair and make-up teams, and models to help them present their products in the best way. But when you have your own business, you have to do everything yourself.

Choice of the photographer

Photographers in Switzerland are not cheap. The best photographers in the industry charge around CHF 800 per session. But if you take into account the costs of the location, the make-up artist, the clothes, etc., a minimum of 1,500 CHF per session can easily be envisaged.

Photographers in the industry, at least in Geneva and in French-speaking Switzerland, know their job in terms of posing and lighting. If they know that you are an escort girl, they will not make you feel uncomfortable, they will not ask your legal name, they will not stare at you when you are in your underwear and they will deliver really attractive and professional photos that will stunning. If you’re looking for high-end photos, professional photographers are the best.

However, at we know photographers in Switzerland who work professionally for a decent price. If you don’t want to waste precious time looking for them, send us a message through our contact form and we will help you with that.

Once you have chosen your photographer, do not hesitate to contact him/her. You must have a lot of questions. Are you hoping for help posing during your photo shoot or would you prefer to lead it? Do you have some inspiring images you can share with your photographer? Are there any styles of photos you like or dislike?

Don’t forget that your photos are meant to be published in directories where competition is strong. It may be good to know how to create a good erotic profile before doing a photo shoot. It can help you prepare it better.

shooting photo for an escort girl in geneva

Choice of the location

You have your photographer and now you need a location. Do you want to shoot indoors, outdoors, or a mix of both? Answering this question will help you decide what time and day of the week you want to take your picture. But you also have other important issues to solve. How important will good natural light be to get the look you want? How comfortable are you going to be shooting in the given location? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself. But in general, a photographer can already imagine what would be best for you. Trust him, he has experience.

Shooting in hotels is an easy choice, but quite commonplace you will agree. You need to be more innovative, consider new, alternative or, why not, humorous places. Twitter or Instagram can be a great source for getting location ideas and see if anyone has interesting places they would be willing to share. If you negotiate well, you might even have this location for free. Some love the idea to host a photoshoot in their houses. Take advantage of it!

Choice of the theme

Creating custom content that speaks directly to the audience you want is much better than taking generic photos that will just be enjoyable for everyone. With targeted marketing, you get more customers of the type you want. Logically, you make it easy for them to find you and choose you if you know what they’re looking for. A little Google search is all you need to find out. And you’ll see, the result is a better experience for everyone if it’s clear from the beginning. After that, you are no longer the beautiful brunette n.127, you are a unique person with unique attractive qualities.

5 tips for an escort photoshoot

Choice of the style

There are many things to consider when it comes to THE style. Do you wear lingerie or evening wear, sportswear or subtle sexy business attire? How many looks do you actually have time to shoot during your session? What are the priority looks and which ones can you ignore if you run out of time? What is your wardrobe’s budget? What do you own and what do you still need to buy? Do you want to buy clothes or rent them? Do you want to layer clothes and remove pieces during the shoot? Are you going to equip yourself with shoes, jewelry, bags or other accessories?

Do you think that’s all? Well no!

What kind of make-up do you want, will you do it yourself or will you hire a make-up artist? Will you change your makeup during the shoot? Do you want to start soft to go glamorous, or the other way around? Yes, you’ll have to answer all these questions.

These are the most important questions to ask yourself if you want to make a good escort photo shoot. It is up to you to add the touch that will make the difference with your competitors on the Geneva escort directories. But don’t go against your image. Don’t make vulgar pictures if you are an elegant woman. Be honest and authentic so as not to deceive your customers. They will quickly realize that your personality does not match the style of the photos. The risk of disappointment is too great. You don’t shop for customers, you shop for customers who will come back to see you.

Training poses

If you have been kind of a model before becoming an escort in Switzerland, you think that this shooting is surely child’s play. It’s not! Unless you have a background in magazines or swimwear, the general comfort in front of a camera is quite different when it comes to being sensual, sexy or nude.

We give you the best tip: practice in front of a mirror. Don’t just imagine the possibilities, physically practice them to see how you can feel. Sometimes the sexiest poses don’t convert at all in the pictures and the ones that are a little awkward are absolutely amazing. If you want to practice even better, practice poses with your camera or your smartphone.

How to pose in an escort photoshoot

Before the photoshoot

Skin care in the weeks leading up to your photo shoot is very important. This is not the time to try new products or new routines. Everyone’s skin reacts differently, so even if a particular cream or scrub works well for someone, it’s no guarantee it will work for you. On the contrary, use the products that work best for you and make sure you’re thoroughly cleansed before going to bed. Drink water and keep your skin glowing for the session.

It’s also good to focus on your health before doing a photo shoot. This means exercising regularly and eating healthy. It does not mean exercising too much or following a drastic diet to be as lean as physically possible on the day of the photo shoot. Not only is it very bad for you in the long run (and your health is more important than any photo shoot), but you want to stay as realistic as possible in your photos, don’t you? You don’t want to look 10 kilos lighter in your photos than you will be when you show up for an appointment. Potential clients use your photos to see what they can expect before making a booking. Deceptive photos should then be definitively avoided.

Finally, you need to make sure you have enough energy for your photo shoot. Quick photo shoots can last one or two hours, but most sessions last at least three of four hours (but maybe even more), especially if you want multiple locations. You need to be able to hold sometimes physically challenging poses and you’ll need strength to get through the whole session. Having fun during your session can be seen in your pictures and you won’t have fun if you’re exhausted. So, get plenty of rest the day before the shoot.

Preparation for the day

Today, it’s shooting day. You’ve already invested a lot of time, money and effort in planning and now it’s time to make sure you have the photos that will get you the bookings you want.

If you have a photo shoot in the morning, set multiple alarms to make sure you will wake up on time. You need to be at the photo shoot location at least an hour in advance. This will help you settle in without stress, and it will give you plenty of time to get ready in case of traffic or train or bus delays.

Eat a healthy meal that won’t make you bloated before your photo shoot. It will give you the energy you need without feeling uncomfortable. Don’t skip meals thinking you have flatter abs, you need energy. Hydrate enough is almost very important.You can also prepare a list of music or songs that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Do you feel in panic as the moment is almost here? DO some breathing exercises. Make sure you wear loose, flowing clothing so that they won’t leave imprints on your skin, and make sure not to wear wristbands or your watch.

A photoshoot, even for an escort girl, is a fabulous moment. It’s time to play the star, because the star today is you. Make your best poses, your most beautiful smiles and your most beautiful expressions. Today is the day you make the difference with your rivals. You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of the men who will see your photos. So give the best of yourself and your ads will be very successful.

You know now the important recommendations to prepare a photo shoot for an escort girl in Geneva. Do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t know any photographers. A photo shoot can be prepared with the utmost care, but if the photographer is not good, all your efforts will be wasted. We are used to working with professionals who will put you at ease. They will guide you to find the best poses and thus have a lot of photos to put on your Geneva escort directories.

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