Eva Elle

Eva Elle - Pornstar in Aire-la-Ville - Catgirl
  • 21 years old
  • Black
  • Shaved
  • PornStar
  • Ukraine
  • Pulpy


Eva Elle is new to the lesbian porn scene. Born in Budapest, this Hungarian bombshell is only at the dawn of her career. A splendid body and a sensuality out of the ordinary. She was discovered by the star Adel Morel who decided to t manage her career. That proofs the incredible potential of this brunette with pulpy lips and perfectly arched hips.
Eva has just finished her first film. She only shoots scenes with women. We are waiting for the images to show them to you. But isn't it a dream to shoot a scene with a new comer? To be one of the first women in front of the camera with her? In a few months, when Eva will be famous and less accessible, you will be able to say to yourself: I was there.
Eva is very sporty and professional. She goes to the gym every day to keep her body perfect. She would never want to disappoint her fans. She likes tattoos, she has a few of them. One is a sentence tattooed on the top of her buttocks. But if you want to read it, you're going to have to get a little closer to her.

Shooting of the scene

  • Location: Geneva
  • Date: Service suspended due to Covid-19

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