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Youmi VIP

  • Geneva
  • 23 years old
  • Dark blonde
  • 161-165 cm
  • Natural
  • Masseuse
  • Japan
  • Black
  • Slim
  • 51-55 Kg
Works at The Vip Spa
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Massages for couples

The Couple Massage that we offer at The Vip Spa Massage is simply one of the messages that you can choose from our menu of erotic massages for couples who wish to live a tantra experience together and in the same room. Sharing a Tantric massage as a couple is an ideal opportunity to relax, experiment and immerse yourself in the intimacy of the relationship.

At The Vip Spa Massage we are experts in massages for couples, erotic massages perfect for experiencing the complicity of eroticism and sexuality in the couple. An opportunity to learn how to caress, touch and get excited as a couple from a true erotic professional. Thanks to our modern, elegant comfort and our professional masseuses, you will have a unique experience in a natural, pleasant and memorable setting.
Couples massage allows you to rediscover your body and deepen your sexuality with your partner. At The Vip Spa Massage there are different types of massage where you can choose the number of masseuses, the technique used and the duration of the session.

Our manager in charge will guide the couple to find the erotic massage that best suits their needs. Whichever massage you choose, each couple has half an hour for a romantic massage. In addition to the extra services that will allow you to make the most of your stay at The Vip Spa Massage: a relaxing shower, a bottle of champagne... We have a professional team of female masseuses for both men and women, and a male masseur for women only.


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