Boost your libido with a libertine encounter

Many people manage to rekindle their passionate flame by offering themselves extra-marital adventures. How do they do it? How can infidelity lead partners to love each other more? Fabien and Mathilde’s experience provides a better understanding of this trend, which is very much in vogue at the moment.

What is libertinism?

This term designates an emancipation from the established rules and conventional norms in terms of sentimental relationships. People of this sexual trend openly question monogamous relationships. They live freely their frolics with the people of their choice. Some couples follow this logic. They freely indulge in the pleasures of the flesh with other partners. This can take the form of swinging, triolism or a simple libertine adventure.       

This tendency is becoming more and more democratic with a multiplication of naughty sites. Complete strangers can offer each other sex without a tomorrow after an online meeting. This concept strips sexual relations of all moral and sentimental constraints. It reduces sex to mere physiological needs. People can satisfy them with any partner.

A solution to boost a libido

After a few years of living together, a certain routine tends to settle in the homes. Couples record less passionate frolics. This often results in a weariness that reduces sexual desire. This can lead to misunderstandings, infidelity, separation, divorce, etc. Paradoxically, it can boost the partners’ libido. They may become more active in bed after a temporary extramarital affair. Fabien and Mathilde’s testimony allows us to better understand this phenomenon. They managed to save their home after an unforgettable weekend in Switzerland.

An erotic getaway in Geneva

Our divorce was fast approaching. We had chosen to separate discreetly and without legal battles. We accelerated the process when our children moved to the United States to pursue their education. We were still living in our residence in the heart of Paris. But everyone was content to go about their business. We hadn’t had a carnal relationship for many months. I no longer felt any sexual desire. Educated in a pure Christian tradition, my wife did not intend to become a libertine. She had finally adapted to the situation.

We could have lived like this for the rest of our lives if Mathilde had not filed for divorce. To relax her and convince her to give up her project, I suggested an escapade to Geneva. We packed our bags in a luxurious suite with a panoramic view of the city. We discussed our relationship at length. Mathilde wanted to break up with me to give me the chance to rebuild my life. She wanted to devote herself to her grandsons and her store. Obviously, she could no longer endure the celibacy I was imposing on her. I was dying to take her in my arms to pamper and kiss her. Alas, I still didn’t feel anything. The romantic setting and the wonderful atmosphere had failed to rekindle our passionate flame.

Never give up desire

I didn’t want to concede divorce so easily. I had come to accept the idea of trying a libertine adventure. Some research on the internet allowed me to find an erotic salon in Geneva thanks to the site About twenty splendid women welcomed me in a romantic setting. A superb woman started to massage me with delicacy. This quickly relaxed me and my heart had stopped beating. But I couldn’t get aroused by the touching of the breasts of the beautiful Swiss woman and her caresses. So the problem persisted.

My indifference did not disarm my charming hostess. She had undertaken to massage my ass after having gently undressed me. I was about to protest when I felt a soft sensation in my anus. My body was relaxing more and more and an electric pleasure was going through me. An erection! I hadn’t had one for several months. The lady immediately grabbed the penis to suck it. Then she activated the vibrating anal plug. Oh, the naughty one! She had inserted a sextoy in my ass without my knowledge. I did not have time to reprimand her. A torrent of pleasure quickly flooded my body with a succession of explosive orgasms. The real Fabien was coming back to life.

My marriage is saved

When I returned to the hotel, I found Mathilde lying on the cozy couch in the living room. She was still wearing her beautiful morning dress. Suddenly she looked sexier. Automatically, I felt like fucking her. But I had to take a bath first. As soon as I got out of the shower, I suddenly pulled her off the couch and put her against the wall. Then, I kissed her passionately. Surprised, she gave me a questioning look before instinctively advancing her hand towards my outstretched penis. Her favorite toy was working again. I let her suck me a few minutes before a devastating cunnilingus. She was trembling with pleasure. She screamed with joy when I stuck my cock in her tight pussy. After a few minutes of intense back and forth movements, I turned her over to take her doggy-style. She quickly reached orgasm. But the game was just beginning. Since this memorable trip to Geneva, Mathilde and I have had regular sex. A libertine adventure with no tomorrow can really rekindle the passionate flame of a couple.

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