Erotic trip to Ibiza

Ibiza may not be the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands, but it is certainly the most famous. The energy of the clubs and the mild Mediterranean climate have been attracting visitors for decades. This has earned it the status of European party capital. Sant Antoni de Portmany is the center of night parties, with its bars, terraces and party people. Ibiza is also known for its erotic world. More than anywhere else, you can enjoy sexual freedom in erotic clubs or dedicated private places. If you are looking for a quick sex session, you will also find beautiful escorts. And these girls come from all over the world.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Yachts, speedboats and sailboats are what makes the experience of Ibiza. And it’s the best way to visit the many caves and bays along the coastline. The rock of Es Vedrà, off the west coast, is a visit you would not miss. Book a snorkeling trip to see it up close and learn about the many legends surrounding the site. The island of Formentera is also a boat trip to consider (even better on a private luxury catamaran), with its unspoiled beaches and crystal-clear waters. For an intense time on the water, try scuba diving or parasailing. Or for a more relaxed nature moment, we recommend the area of Sant Josep de sa Talaia and the surrounding countryside.

Unleash your sexual desire

Ibiza is the perfect place if you really want to go wild. Nudist beaches, erotic stores and places oriented to sexual enjoyment are what tourists are going to Ibiza and it’s all part of this erotic journey. Freedom is the word most attached and is directly associated with Ibiza. A freedom that applies to many aspects and that is strongly linked to the eroticism that the island exudes.

The hippie movement discovered Ibiza and never left it. Its famous sexual revolution was based on the fact that love must be free, without complexes, without rules, and no shame. A type of love that had a lot to do with tolerance, a concept linked to Ibiza that, fortunately, continues today.

Sensuality, lust and eroticism can coexist perfectly throughout the year. However, with the arrival of the good weather, the thermometers do not only climb. The heat, the small fabric of go-go dancers and bathers or the suggestive fashion of Adlib contribute to raise the temperature.

You can do all that alone but as a couple it’s fantastic, knowing that authentic erotic Ibiza is simple and exciting. The memories will live in your mind forever. But remember that if everything is allowed here, it is always on the basis of respect and tolerance.

Best nudist beach

You probably dont’t know that Cavallet, in San Jose, was the first nudist beach in Ibiza and one of the pioneers in all of Spain, right? It’s a spectacular beach and it has a very lively atmosphere. And it’s a must for gay tourism for sure. If you notice that your blood starts to boil with such a panorama, you should know that the dunes of the beach have become one of the favorite places for tourists and residents to practice cruising.

Best erotic club

The Liberty Club Ibiza is located in Port des Torrent (San Antonio bay). Dress sexy and elegant and get ready to meet the only liberal erotic disco of the island. Enjoy its suggestive evenings alone or in couple, dance, have a drink, interact or watch. You decide how far you want to go, always with respect and following the rules of hygiene and behavior. Cell phones are not allowed and entry to minors under 18 years old is prohibited.

Liberty Club Ibiza is considered a liberal nightclub where everything is possible, without obligations. A place where the good atmosphere and a cosmopolitan clientele prevail.

Erotic trip to Ibiza with Catgirl

The best BDSM clubs

Go to BDSM Art & Fetish. If you are submissive, dominant, single, couples or groups, well everyone is welcome in this spicy place in the center of Ibiza. A space where you can practice most of your sexual desires: transformism, dog training, foot fetish, mummification, bondage, hard discipline. All you need to participate is to desire and follow some rules of hygiene and good behavior.

If you prefer a softer erotic club in Ibiza, visit Lio Club. It is quite simply the hottest cabaret in town. Transparencies, laces, feathers, provocative dances and wanton artists. Eroticism in its purest form!

Best erotic street

The street of the Virgin. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most sexual streets of Ibiza. Located in the port, it is surrounded by a large number of bars, many of which are known for their dark rooms. You will also find stores selling clothes and sex toys and even an erotic ice cream shop.

Erotic stores

Erotic & Chic is one of the most famous on the island. Here you will find everything you need to break the sexual monotony. Little toys that will spice up your days and nights. A good opportunity to discover yourself more deeply.

The Senses Ibiza is another famous establishment. Located in the center of Ibiza, they have all kinds of items for you to enjoy your body alone or as a couple. Lubricants, massage oils, dildos, vibrators, fetishes, erotic lingerie or spicy games. Make your choice!

Lusty Ice Have is an original store. Have you ever eaten an ice cream in the shape of a penis, vulva or breast? In this ice cream shop in Calle de la Virgen Lusty Ice, you can do it. Choose your favorite flavors and enjoy.

Live your sexual freedom

If you are looking for a sexual or erotic vacation, Ibiza is definitely the place to go. You can’t imagine how free and wild the people of this island are. The nightlife is full of erotic surprises if you know where to look. We have mentioned a few places for you, but feel free to discover them in your own way.

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