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Polyamory and carnal pleasures

Libertarianism is good. But beyond the carnal pleasure it is possible to increase even more its emotional and love life. The triolism or the kinky parties are sometimes the daily life of some couples. However, it is possible to go to the next level. In this case we go to polyamory.

Polyamory should not be confused with polygamy. It is a more or less recent way of building one’s sentimental path in accordance with the new morals of our society.

What is the difference between libertinism and polyamory?

When libertarianism is only interested in carnal pleasure, quick and instantaneous, polyamory is built with time, like a classic love relationship. Poly means several. You live several love stories at the same time. And this in a total transparency between the people involved.

Polyamory is the Holy Grail of love-seeking libertines. They manage to reconcile carnal pleasure and intellectual connivance. How to get bored with several lovers? Is it not more appropriate to link several relationships to avoid boredom or weariness? For those who like to enjoy life without limits and those who like carnal pleasure, this is the most suitable solution.

Polyamory affects all love orientations (gay, bisexual and straight) and all types of relationships (platonic or not). Many polyamorous people are totally uninhibited sapiosexuals. As a reminder, sapiosexuality is a sexual orientation that expresses the fact of being attracted romantically or sexually by a person that one finds educated, cultured or intelligent. Moral and intellectual pleasure is therefore more impactful than pleasure of the flesh. And yes, intelligence makes you sexy.

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Where to meet polyamorous people?

There are several ways to meet polyamorous people. From specialized dating sites to libertine clubs, polyamory can be found everywhere. Nevertheless, there are important and primordial rules to respect.

Being frank with your first partner is essential. The most difficult step is to announce your will to have other partners to your first partner. How will he or she take it? Is he or she ready to accept? These are all questions that need to be addressed.

Always be transparent. This is the rule that must be respected the most. In all polyamorous couples or trios, communication and transparency are the most important. You must not leave any room for doubt because jealousy would be devastating.

Do not hide your desires. Hiding your true desires can be detrimental to polyamory. This can be solved with honest and sincere conversations.

Know where you are going. With polyamory there is no going back. Many couples don’t survive multiple emotional relationships. Be aware that this can have irreversible consequences on your love life.

For lovers of carnal pleasures, but also for sapiosexuals, polyamory is the perfect match for them. These single people, crunchers of life and hedonists, are the target of this way of loving like no other.

It is undoubtedly complicated for the lambda couples to launch out in a polyamorous adventure. But once the process is underway, if you love life and its pleasures, it is a daily treat. Be careful not to miss any of the steps, put communication at the heart of your relationships and play the transparency to ensure your extra-marital relationships with success.

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