Sex Robot and Artificial Intelligence

The worldwide sex toy market amounts to $30 at the end of 2020 and is still on an explosive demand. Sales are mostly done online rather than in stores. Yes, people are still ashamed that others see them buying. Google became the best friend to look to all these new and unique sex toys.

Today, scientific and technical discoveries are accelerating at an exponential rate. Miniaturization and artificial intelligence are making lightning progress. Which opens the door for the future of the sexual Artificial Intelligence. Welcome to the Sex Robot and its erotic feelings and emotions.

AI as sex needs

We all know the reputable sex dolls. But have you heard of AI sex robots? This new game changer has been heavily sold during pandemic time. Made of artificial intelligence, a sex doll will be able to talk and move her head. But that’s the only first part of it. We can now converse with our new AI girlfriend that looks like a real human being. She will learn what we like and build a relationship on top of that. At current stage, we can compare this AI to Amazon’s Alexa. These robots are regular sex dolls, made of silicone, with fully robotic heads. However, within 10 years from now, we should see sex robots moving their entire bodies.

AI as companionship

With the development of artificial intelligence, sex dolls are not only created to give pleasure to humans but to become life companions. Around the world, many people, mostly men, are already declaring themselves « in love » with their sex robots, touting an honest and beneficial relationship with the humanoid.

This attachment to machines is not new. Tamagotchis, these little virtual pets to feed, raise, cuddle, have flooded children’s pockets since the 2000s. A childish fad? Not really since adults quickly got hold of this phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance.

Experiments in cognitive psychology have made it possible to identify what promotes the state of love: the feeling of closeness, reciprocity, the exchange of stories about one’s childhood, one’s intimate life or physical appearance. It is quite possible to program a humanoid to reproduce all these elements. Some people already have an emotional bond with their computer or smartphone, projecting human feelings onto their machine. These bonds will be even more intense as the machines take on a human appearance.

Artificial intelligence and sex dolls on

A therapeutic use?

Who is likely to buy such a sex robot? Probably the same people who already buy silicone dolls. Mainly people deprived of a sexual life. Because of a physical or psychological problem, or because they have been traumatized by an unhappy experience, or because they are unable to seduce a woman.

Sex robots could thus find a real interest in a therapeutic use. A palliative for people in sentimental and sexual misery. Some researchers even see in sex robots the key to ending prostitution, and therefore crime and STDs. But this is going way too far.

Sexual AI is not for men only. Some people are also convinced that a male robot will be able to have sexual capacities and performances far superior to those of a human. He will not be afraid of commitment, will be programmed to be attentive and charming. It will be enough for a women’s magazine to make a report on love stories with robots for the readers to want to try. The advantages will be numerous: no sexually transmitted diseases, no infidelity and no pregnancy.

What is the future?

We are at the very early stages of this phenomenon. It still remains very controversial today and might face some future regulations. But before all that happens, let the dreams come true and let’s project ourselves a little into the future:

“By 2050, humans will fall in love and marry humanoid robots. We will be able to build machines that look like us and reproduce our emotions: it will become almost natural to love them. It is inevitable.”

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