How to have fun with an escort client in Geneva?

Two-way sex with Geneva escorts

Sex with a Geneva client doesn’t have to be one-sided. You can also have fun with him and get orgasms. Some clients even want this for themselves and for you. It shows them that they’re capable and powerful, that they know what to do and how to do it. And of course it allows them to demonstrate their sexual prowess.

Once a client is past the stage of finding an escort in Geneva, they’re going to have to choose one, and it has to be you. You’ll have plenty of competition, but if you heed Catgirl’s advice, you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

The difference between porn and escort dating in Geneva

A customer pays to have fun. Otherwise he wouldn’t go to sex workers. And he obviously wants his money’s worth. Nowadays, with democratization, the image of a courtesan is not at all the same as it was 20 years ago. The new generation tends not to differentiate between porn and sex with an escort, but there is a difference.

Sex toys as pleasure and experience for Geneva escorts

Why should only your client have pleasure? You can too. And what better way than with erotic toys? In this article, you’ll discover how sex toys can enhance both your escort experience and your client’s.

Satisfying disabled clients as an escort

Disabled people are sexual people too. There are many degrees of disability, it’s true. And they also have the right to experience erotic pleasure. Don’t miss our article on how to sexually satisfy disabled clients in Geneva and get to know them better.

Don’t say no to pleasure

The fact that you’re getting off on it is good for you and good for them. So why not be in the mood to share and see where it takes you? Many Geneva customers want to please. If one of them is reluctant, you may have to convince them of the benefits of seeing a Geneva escort.

Have they ever felt a woman’s orgasm? Have they ever felt that spasm of joy around them? Ask them this question and see how curious they get. Then ask them to try it, or show them how. If they’re interested, you won’t even have to ask them – they’ll want to do it.

The skills of a Geneva escort client

Let’s assume that your Geneva clients are interested and want to please you. Check their skill level. A real Geneva escort knows how to do it. Not all lovers are created equal, and not all partners like the same things. This is where a regular Geneva client who knows you well can be most effective. However, a new customer from Geneva may have more skills to match your preferences.

That’s when you need to go with the flow and have fun with what they do. A low skill level doesn’t mean low interest. Nor does it mean you have to teach them right away. Give them a chance to find their way and discover how they can be of service to you as an escort. It’s something some customers will enjoy doing, and they’ll feel like they’re giving you something in return for what you’ve given them.

Let your customers satisfy you

Once you know how they do things, let them please you. They’ll give it their best shot. Let them do it and see where it leads to making an escort come. Give them advice too if it doesn’t work for you, but adapt it to their way. Some people prefer to give manual assistance or use sex toys. Others prefer to give a full blow job to everyone they have sex with.

This is something they’ll come to on their own, and you don’t necessarily have to ask right away. Of course, this depends on each escort in Geneva, as each person is different. As with any other step, communication is really important. Talk to them, but also listen to them. Some clients may want to try new things they’ve seen in a video or online, and they want to see if it works well. You can be a bit of a guinea pig here. Or they may simply want to see if something they’re doing can work on any woman. The possibilities are many.

Give your Geneva escort tips

This can be a lot of fun and effective. Talk to them first and see if they’re willing to take your advice. And maybe they’ll learn a few things they can show their next woman. This is both a fun situation and a teaching moment. You have to explain to them what they don’t know, or adjust what they already know.

It’s fun, as an escort in Geneva, to tell people what to do in the bedroom and let them please you in your own way. Especially when your life consists mainly of pleasing others and doing what works for them.

When a customer wants to do things your way, enjoy it and have fun. It’s usually a good time, and if you’re not afraid to express your needs, you can easily let off steam. You could even realize your sexual fetishes with a Geneva customer.

How to make a Geneva escort client come?

Another advantage of teaching someone how to make you come is that you teach your clients how to better satisfy a woman. They may never meet another like you. But part of what you’re teaching them here is to listen to you and pay attention to your reaction while being open-minded about what they think is effective and what really is. These are important bedroom skills they can use with other women or escorts in Geneva in the future.

Clients who demonstrate this kind of open-mindedness are the most likely to make you reach the great Nirvana, and to make you love their dates. Such partners, temporary or otherwise, can be a great thing for a Geneva escort. As for clients and showing them things, be aware that you can also meet men who are still virgins and clients with very little experience. It will be a little more difficult to teach newcomers how to satisfy you, but it will also be very gratifying when they finally do.

Fill in a blank page of your acquaintance

Dating virgin men can be a little intimidating. Most of them arrive with expectations they’ve picked up from romance movies or pornography. Which means you have to both teach them and show them a good time. They arrive as a bit of a blank slate in terms of experience. But the prevalence of porn will make them expect all sorts of things from you. You’ll have to explain more, communicate at their level and show them how things work.

Here, with no pressure whatsoever, what you teach them will stay with them for most of their lives. So you might as well teach them how to please a woman, how to listen, how to pay attention and how to be generous in bed. It may take them a while to make you come. But once they do, they’ll love it and take a lot away from their date with you. This kind of teaching has its own rewards and can really be fun. It’s a situation where you can make a much bigger impact and perhaps show them how to give someone else an orgasm for the very first time.

Improving the experience of your escort clients

Other clients similar to virgin men are those with very little experience. These people will also be fun and challenging. Sometimes, having your client make you cum or give you an orgasm or two is something they need more than you do. Some escort clients in Geneva come to you because they have no confidence in themselves under the comforter. Others come to you after a divorce, a difficult break-up, a new sexual experience, an accident and so on.

Some even come to you as disabled clients, which adds to the challenge of making them come. In most cases, escort clients in Geneva come to you for a sexual experience and a boost of confidence. They may also simply need to find a way to break the solitude and share something with someone else. The fact that they give you an orgasm will be as important to them as experiencing it themselves.

Taking your time with a Geneva escort client

It may seem obvious and hard to do at the same time. Here’s a truth that may not be so much fun. But if you’re the kind of woman who needs a little extra time to get off, you may not be able to do that with all your clients. Some will reserve you for your minimal time and worry mostly about themselves. In cases where you have more time, it will be much easier for you to place yourself in a good spot to get off.

With more hours set aside, you can take more time and really enjoy each other. The secret to successful sex with lots of people is to be able to take more time, establish a real connection before undressing and take all the time you need to make sure you’re both super horny before you even start. This will help you both achieve a better orgasm and enjoy your date more. This is all pretty obvious to most people, of course, but not everyone thinks about it all the time.

Enjoy yourself with your client

As a last resort in some situations, and to turn on the client in others, you can turn yourself on. Whether manually or with a toy, or even using parts of your partner. You can easily help yourself to achieve this. Some customers will really enjoy watching you masturbate to get off or simply to start making you cum so they can take over and make you cum in turn. It’s something you can do as a kind of show for them, or as an introduction to all the pleasure you’re about to experience.

There’s nothing quite like having an orgasm while riding your client and masturbating at the same time. There’s nothing like controlling the speed and depth of penetration while riding him. There are so many possibilities that you should allow yourself and your clients to explore them so that all experiences are satisfying in more ways than one for both the client and the Geneva escort.

Keep your customer coming back

There are so many things you can do to maximize the time you spend together and have fun. The great thing about being a Geneva escort is that you can explore all the possibilities, knowing full well what works for you and what can make you cum in any situation.

Experiment and try new things. It’s a great way to bring more to your customers and keep them happy. They’ll appreciate it and let you know. At the end of the day, when you get your kicks, you both get more out of the encounter than you could have hoped for. Work to offer this to yourself and your Geneva customers for a complete experience as part of your services, creating lasting relationships between you and your customers wherever possible.

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