Which sex toys for naughty games?

Playing sex with each other

Many women use sex toys, that’s a fact. But they don’t often use them with their partners, and that’s a shame. A couple should always find new sexual experiences to share. It has never been easier to buy sex toys on the internet. And if you don’t know what to choose, you can find erotic sets for a diverse experience.

Even if you know how to use sex toys for your own pleasure, maybe you think that using them with a partner can be a different story. But rest assured, there’s not that much difference if you decide to use them together. On the contrary, the presence of a partner will open up new sensual possibilities. A great addition to your sex life.

Why using sex toys?

The beautiful question. Can’t you guess? Well, first of all, it’s fun. A way to cut through the monotony of your relationship by trying new practices that will put a sexual smile on your face. Just trying a new sextoy can lead to some laugh-out-loud funny situations.

But more seriously. Some people need different types of stimulation to have an orgasm. Many women need clitoral stimulation to achieve it. And if you think you don’t need a vibrator to play with your clitoris, it can help you in many ways. Especially if you will need more stimulation than you or your partner can give alone. Some people can’t cum without the help of a vibrator, and there’s no shame with that. But more than that. Even without considering orgasm, toys offer sensations you simply can’t experience without them. So why not use them for pleasures that only they can provide?

What are the types of sex toys?

The most famous are of course vibrators. And there is a ton of different types. The one that will be best for you depends on the use you want to make of it. But for couple sex, there are a few specific things to consider. The size and the shape of a vibrator can vary if you want to use it during penetration. But it is also important if you want your partner to hold it comfortably from certain angles.

There are also so-called penetration toys like dildos, plugs and strap-ons. Basically, every of them that you can use to penetrate each other, whether it’s vaginally or anally. This category can complement the vibrators. In fact, many dildos or plugs have vibrating versions.

If you’re looking for a little more thrill, you should look into BDSM toys. In fact, more than sex toys, they are real pleasure accessories. They are anything that can help you play with your five senses, either by increasing or decreasing them. Blindfolds blinding, handcuffs hindering freedom, or sex machines as the ultimate domination of a woman’s body.

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Identify couple’s sex toys

If you are new to using couples sex toys, it can be very helpful to first develop your curiosity and familiarize yourself with the different options available. This is also a great opportunity to talk about your interests with your partner to act as foreplay.

Once you’ve decided on the experiences you want to try, it’s time to move on to buying the toys. Most people prefer to buy them on the internet because they don’t dare go to a sex shop. Out of embarrassment, shame or simply shyness. Specialized sites also offer an impressive range of products that you can’t find in a physical store. Also note that the delivery is very discreet and fast.

Test the limits of simulation

One of the main reasons women may have trouble reaching orgasm during penetration is a lack of clitoral stimulation. There’s nothing wrong with taking the reins while your partner penetrates you. Using a discreet clitoral vibrator can therefore be a solution during your sexual moments. Try using it in different positions to find the one that gives you the most pleasure. It’s easier to hold a vibrator properly when you’re on top of your partner than on all fours.

Sex toys are especially useful when it comes to getting close to orgasm. That is, getting close to orgasm, but stopping it before it happens. Pushing each other to the limit of orgasm and then backing off can be quite a challenge. Holding back can take some strength of character, cumming is so much better right?  But it’s worth a try. Not only it is teasing, but it also helps you and your partner understand exactly what needs to happen for the other to have an orgasm.

Play with your senses with sex toys

There are many ways to get creative with your senses during sex. And sex toys are great for that. But you can also add some ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet. For example, you can experiment with different temperatures. Metal sex toys retain their temperature when you run them under hot or cold water. There are also heated toys that can give you a pleasant sensation on all your erogenous zones.

Don’t forget sensory deprivation. The touch of a toy can feel much more intense if your sense of sight, for example, is taken away. You lose one sense, but you strengthen the others. Add to this a physical deprivation thanks to holding bars and you will increase your pleasure tenfold.

Dare to reverse the roles

Sex toys offer plenty of opportunities to play in ways you normally wouldn’t. They can contribute to nice role plays. They can also contribute to a role reversal between you and your partner. This can be based on stereotypical gender roles, like using a strap-on to penetrate a partner who normally penetrates you. Or asking her to perform oral sex with a dildo while you perform oral sex on her. Or playing with clothes and accessories traditionally reserved for men.

But role reversal can be anything you dream of. It could be using restraints on a partner who is normally more dominant or using soft toys on someone who usually likes violence. It’s up to you and your partners to decide together what role-playing you like to do.

Don’t forget about your personal pleasure

Using sex toys with your partner doesn’t have to mean using toys on each other. Mutual masturbation is an equally valid way to explore your bodies and your sexuality. To show each other what you like and to get off together. It’s still better than doing it on the side in secret. Too many couples still don’t dare to take the step of using sex objects with each other. And that’s a shame, because pleasure has many facets that are just waiting to be explored.

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